Cooking tips for diabetics

There`s no getting around it. Diabetes is rising at alarming rates among children and adults. As a result, there is an ever growing need for practical information on how to plan meals for diabetic friends, family members, or guests you might be hosting in your home.

Although it is always appropriate to discreetly ask your diabetic guests about any special dietary needs they may have, here are 7 basic guidelines to help take the worry out of what to fix and how to fix it.

Don`t make drastic meal changes: A common misconception among those unfamiliar with diabetes is that diabetics are highly restricted as to what they can and cannot eat. The reality is that, for the most part, diabetics can eat the same foods that health conscious non-diabetics enjoy.

The key is to focus on foods that promote good cardiovascular health and to stay away from those that are notoriously bad for us all. Although certain considerations will need to be made, many favorite recipes can still be enjoyed with minor modifications, as opposed to making drastic changes.

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