Countdown dinner plan for weight loss

Before you start your main course dinner, there are three mini courses you have to consume – starter sips, nutri bowl and fibre filler. These work as nutrition boosters and keep you feeling full.

Starter sips (unlimited)

Keep in mind that the starter sips are basically a negligible calorie, ‘drink as much as you want’, start to your meal. They consist of an unlimited amount of light, watery liquids to start you off. You gently whet your appetite by introducing an easy-to-digest liquid as your first course. It works as an initial filler and also aids digestion. Your stomach begins to get into gear.

The starter sips you could choose from are:

Coconut water or

Clear soup (clear part of vegetable stock) or

Herbal tea (green, cinnamon, mint, ginger, chamomile or jasmine) or

Fresh lime juice (salted) or

Moong water or

Rasam or

Jeera pani or

Chicken bullion soup

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Nutri bowl 2 katoris (1 cup)

After you sip, you slurp! The nutri bowl is a more substantial course, to be consumed within the recommended serving allowance. This course is a more robust liquid, in the form of a soup (without cereals such as noodles, rice or pasta), veggie juice or low-cal buttermilk. It is heavier than the first course, and it is a perfect follow-up to the combinations of vitamins, minerals and proteins, and practically no fat. Varying nutri bowl choices on a daily basis gives you delicious variations.

Nutri bowl options for you:

Soup, hot or cold, or

Vegetable juice or

Buttermilk – use ½ katori (1/4 cup) skimmed curd or

Thin kadhi – use ½ katori (1/4 cup) skimmed curd or

Egg drop soup

Fibre filler 2 katoris (1 cup)

Your third course, the fibre filler, puts you onto a fibre-rich, moisture-rich filler. Think juicy veggies, fruits, crisp sprouts, crunchy salads and you get the idea. The fibre filler must be chewed slowly and thoroughly, because the digestion process begins in  your mouth itself.

This helps you properly absorb the valuable nutrients that are so good for you. Moreover, when you eat slowly, you feel like you are eating more, plus you give your taste buds full enjoyment!

Another bonus is that your fibre filler has very limited calories, making it a guilt-free munch and crunch. A dash of lime juice, chaat masala, a bit of rock salt and pepper add extra zest to your fibre filler options. Take a look at some of the choices you have.

Fibre filler ideas:

2 katoris (1 cup) veggie salad – tomato, cucumber, carrot, celery, lettuce or

2 katoris fruit salad – orange, apple, sweet lime, pear, papaya or

2 katoris fruit and veggie salad  – apple, celery, lettuce, sweet lime

Arriving at the main course

Many of you may not be used to consuming such high volumes of liquids or crunching through so much fibre! If all this really fills you up, take a breather before getting onto the main course. It is absolutely fine to have a gap between courses, no problem at all. You could even take a break after the starter sip or nutri bowl or after the fibre filler. Work the gaps as per your capacity and take time to savour every bit of your four-course countdown dinner!

By the time you get to your main course, you will already begin to feel satisfied. This helps you to stay within the requirement of your diet dinner without a sense of being deprived.

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Excerpted with permission from Penguin Books India from The Four-Week Countdown Diet: Now You Choose How You Lose by Namita Jain, Penguin Rs.199.

Image: Flickr Creativecommons Summertomato