Dermatology Q&A: Coconut based moisturizers protects the skin

Dr. Jaishree, Medical Director of Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic, answers readers’ questions on skin care. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every fortnight.

This week’s answers:

Dear Sir/Madam,
My hair is every falling, now no hair of my above head, I have Blood pressure high, Gaut, I can’t eat protein food, please advice how can I maintain.

You should take biotin supplements.Invest in regular nourishing massages with coconut- based hair oil to keep your hair voluminous, thick and full of bounce

My name is Sunita, age 39, having pigmentation marks on forehead and cheeks. pl suggest home remedies to cure this and also suggest skin cream which i can use daily.

Moisturizing should be a basic body care regime that must be followed around the year. Coconut based moisturizers work wonders for the skin as they protect the skin barriers and lock in moisture from escaping the skin’s surface. Apply a vitamin C, licorice and tretinoin based cream on the dark patches at night.

I read your site for melasma. I have got melasma problem. I would like to completely cure it. Is it possible. Please give me the details for it.

Sorry, there is no cure for melasma. Avoid sun exposure strictly to prevent further increase in melasma. Consult a dermatologist who will prescribe creams to lighten the pigment

Hello Doctor. I am 18 years old but i have a lot of dandruff and hair fall problem. Can you please suggest me some ways to cure this?
Naina Agarwal

Nourish your hair with coconut based hair oil as it works wonders and provides the necessary moisture to the scalp and hair. I recommend nourishing your hair with coconut based hair oil every time you wash your hair to replenish the moisture. Use a ketoconazole based shampoo twice a week. If dandruff persists, consult a dermatologist.

Dear Mam
I am 50 yrs old male with dark brown complexion and also prone to heavy tanning with mild or little exposure to sun.
Kindly suggest ways to improve skin colour and protection from sun tanning.
With warm regards
Prakash Bondre

Apply a mixture of coconut milk, yogurt and honey on the tanned skin. Leave it for 15mins and rinse. Avoid scrubbing,steam, swimming and sun exposure. Take vitamin C supplements & antioxidants to prevent further tanning.

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