Dermatology Q&A: Home remedies for cracked heels

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear sir/mam, in winter my heels are cracked too much plz tell me some home suggestion.

mamta arora
If you are developing cracks, you need to take care of your feet daily instead of once in a while pedicures. At bedtime, soak your feet in warm water for a few minutes. You may add a few drops of an oil free cleansing lotion or even salt to the water. Scrub with a pumice stone or a mild loofah. Apply a thick moisturising lotion which has coconut milk. This will hydrate the skin well and help to reduce the dead skin too. If possible, wear cotton socks all the time. Obsessive washing of feet all the time will rip the moisture away from the skin. So avoid frequent washing. Avoid detergents & harsh soaps as well. Make sure you moisturise every time you wash your feet.

2. Hi, i m dipanjali, m 26 yrs old. i have a dark circle form many yrs. professionally i used 2 be wid computers whole day.ll u pls suggest for remedy ? 2ndly, my hair is very thin on my forehead for which its looking very odd. pls suggest—
Dipanjali Das
The most common cause of dark circles is inadequate sleep & stress. Try to catch on 6-7hrs of sleep everyday.If you are working on a computer, make sure you wear UV protective glasses. Do get your haemoglobin checked. Low haemoglobin can also cause dark circles and you will need iron supplements for at least 3 months. For persistent dark circles, you may have to undergo a series of Arginine and lactic acid peels.

Have a high protein diet to increase the hair thickness.

3. I am a teenager.I often have pimples in my face.How to get rid of it. I have controlled oil foods but i am still having pimples. Need your suggestions?
Ahmed Waseem
Acne occur when overactive sebaceous (oil) glands secrete too much oil (sebum) in the skin. Stress, cosmetics, oil based creams could aggravate acne. You should use a mild face wash with salicylic acid. Salicylic acid prevents clogging of pores & helps in breakdown of blackheads & whit eheads. You could use a cream containing retinoic acid 0.025% or adapalene at bedtime to reduce the blackheads.

4. My skin type is oil skin and i am having lot of pimple marks and please suggest any medicine for this.
Use a salicylic acid based face wash twice a day. Take supplements of vitamin C. Apply Tretinoin 0.025% cream on the marks at bedtime. Consult a dermatologist for fruit peels to get rid of the marks.

5. i am 45yr old i have some dark spot on my foot kindly advice for these spot.
Apply a kojic acid and hydroqinone based cream to lighten the spot. Use a coconut milk based moisturizer as dryness will increase the dark spot

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