Dermatology Q&A: Home remedies for open pores

Dr. Jaishree, Medical Director of Skinfiniti Aesthetic Skin and Laser Clinic, answers readers’ questions on skin care. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every fortnight.
This week’s answers:

1. I have open pores on my cheeks. Can you suggest any home remedies for this?
Use aloe vera gel every night. Apply a papaya mask thrice a week

2. My fingers have a lot of lines and loose skin. What are the possible natural remedies for this.
You need to moisturise your skin. Use a coconut milk based natural moisturiser. Avoid harsh chemicals, soaps and detergents. Go for a radiofrequency skin tightening.

3. Hi Jayshree, I am 45 years old and I recently started suffering from eczema. I am getting all over my body and it is very uncomfortable. It is very itchy and it is leaving scabs and dark black patches that feel thick and rough. Please advice.
Rani Moodley
South Africa
You will need to moisturise your skin thrice a day.It is best to use a safe natural moisturiser with coconut milk. Avoid soaps. Use a pH balanced cleansing lotion instead foreg cetaphil cleansing lotion.
Consult a dermatologist for your eczema

4. I am 55 years female. Live in USA. My hair is falling. I am worried. I use coconut oil once a week. My hair is basically thick. Front hair is getting rare. Please advice me.I am taking multivitamin tablets once a day & calcium tablets twice a day. Thank you Anjali Malapur
Get your Vitamin B 12, Vitamin d3, thyroid tests done. Continue with the supplements and coconut oil. Have a high protein diet.

5. Dear mam from last 3 years i have eatching in my head and pimple and hair fall also and some place hair is remove in head cause of pimple plz give the advice
Amit Kumar
You have an infection of the hair follicle. Use a clindamycin lotion on the scalp every night. Wash your scalp with a ketoconazole based shampoo twice a week. Avoid hair oil, gel, sprays.

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