Dermatology Q&A: How to prevent hair loss?

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This week’s answers:

1. I have itching / patches on my buts, I assume, its kind of infection. I am having it for almost 3 years or may be long. Doctors advised me SEBIFIN TAB and Cream. It worked and spots were cured, itching went off but it reappears. Then i self medicated many a times with SEBIFN itself, but since it was reappearing I decided to change my doctor. The second doctor advised Griseofulvin (Gris OD) and Sebifin cream but it too failed. I am worried as i assume it is spreading and am really worried.

You seem to be suffering from a fungal infection since you responded to sebifin the first time. Please consult a dermatologist for a proper 3 month antifungal therapy. Wash your inner wear in hot water. Always dry them in hot sun or iron them after drying in order to get rid of any fungus in the clothes. If you sweat a lot, change your inner wear more often. Do not wear wet panties. Keep your butt dry all the time. after every wash, dry your skin and Use an antifungal powder such as clotrimazole.

2. i am 17yrs old i am suffering from hair loss can u suggest me some effective diet anf medication i should take pls help me what should i do they r dry and have become scanty how can i make my hair thick and long.
3. am suffering from hair loss since two years please sugest me the solutions
4. Hello My age is 22. I am suffering from hairfall problem. I worked in night shift for few days but now I have left my job. Please let me know what should I do to avoid hair loss.
If you are suffering from hair fall, the most effective step you can take is to start conditioning your hair with coconut oil. Coconut hair oil is one of the best natural nutrition for hair for its quality of strengthening the structure of weak roots. It is an excellent conditioner as it achieves up to 90% hair penetration right through to the cortex. It forms a protective layer around your hair preventing it from hair fall, and also helps protect against loss of vital proteins from hair. Regular use of Coconut hair oil can ensure that your hair is always healthy and scalp is well moisturized. You can try Parachute Advansed Ayurvedic Hair Oil that is a potent combination of chosen Ayurvedic herbs, mixed in coconut oil which guarantees hair fall control, promoting hair growth, leading to long, thick hair.

Also, what you eat determines how healthy your hair is. Protein-rich foods like egg whites and sprouts provide, and foods like walnuts, sunflower seeds, fish with essential fatty acids strengthen your hair. Multi-vitamin and biotin & iron supplements taken daily will take care of whatever nutrition your hair is missing out on.

5. Dear Dr Jaishree I am very happy to read about you that you are so great. I have one question,if you can please. I have facial pigmentation which starts from lower eye and continue till side of forehead. i am in middle east and when it became too much i consulted dermatologist. she prescribed me a compound like
Neostrata AHAid—30gm
Hydroquinone 4%—30gm
in Nutradermcrt—-100gm
bid for face

when i used this compound my face got very clear and pigment disappeared after 3months i got again
my question is can i use this compound again and again and this will give any problem with my harmones as i am 37 years old and planning for second pregnancy.
My dermatologist who prescribed me this is no more here, that is the reason i cannot approach here. please answer me as i want to look good
best regards

Mehar Sultana
Dear Meher, Thank you for your kind words. You seem to be using a skin lightener for your pigmentation which is most likely to be Melasma. Melasma occurs due to hormonal changes or excessive sun exposure or it may be genetic. If it is in the upper layers of the skin, it is curable. However,if it is in the lower layers ie the dermis, it can only be reduced.
You may use your cream on alternate days. Use a cream containing curcumin, kojic acid and vitamin C on alternate days. You may also go for low dose Q switched NdYag laser treatment.
Most importantly, do not forget to use a sunblock with SPF 50 everytime you step out in the sun (even if you travel by car)

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