Dermatology Q&A: How to treat dark circles

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This week’s answers:

1. Hi, which moisturizer s best for skin? Which brand s good in market…i use lakme…i have normal skin.

Jayanthi Ramesh

You could use any natural mosituriser with coconut milk and mint. Coconut milk locks moisture in the deeper layers of the skin and keeps the skin hydrated for long hours. Mint keeps the skin cool.

2. Hello, My skin is very sensitive there was some problem with my skin as my nose has become reddish. Skin specialist told that its rosacea she has given me some ointments & oral medicine. But now the redness is gone but not completely like if I go out then I will have the same problem. I am not applying any cream to my face only using sunscreen lotion which is suggested by doctor.

Doctor please suggests what to do. I am having PCOD problem & treatment is going on.

Please avoid sun exposure, hot and spicy food, tea, coffee, caffeinated drinks, chocolates and stress. These are aggravating factors for rosacea.

Use a metronidazole based cream at bedtime.

3. Respected Ma’am, I had skin problem for past 8 yrs. There is Black colour like Patches between Lip and chin.. I have done lot of SPA peel and use steroid cream. I am not getting eradicate of this problem.

P Prasath

You could try using a ketoconazole based cream every night. Check your blood sugar levels as well as your thyroid hormones. Lose weight if you are overweight as this will also lead to pigmentation. Avoid sun exposure, fragrance, scrubs.

Apply a natural moisturiser during the day.

4. I am 26 year old, in my face i have more pigmentation & i have dark circle in my eyes………plz can you give me any solution for this….iam fully worried about this.


Avoid sun exposure. Use a kojic acid and vitamin C based cream on the pigmentation every night. For the dark circles, try a vitamin K and Vitamin C cream every night, moisturise in the day with coconut milk. Sleep for 6 hours. Do not rub your eyes. Avoid eye kohl. Check your haemoglobin level. Low haemoglobin can also increase dark circles.

5. Hi ma’am I am Mahesh 20 years old, even now I didn’t use any creams for face glowing.from last two months i used fair and lovely and fair and handsome.first month it is better to me. now a small pimpules on my can i reduce.

Mahi Mahesh

Stop using all creams on the face. The cream is probably blocking your pores leading to whiteheads and pimples. Wash your face with a salicylic acid based face wash to unclog your pores. Use a tretinoin cream at night.

6. last few month my hair lossing more and more , now i am taking a treatment coverit oil ,put still now my loss not getting stop, so please give any information from your side please.


Have a high protein diet. Take biotin supplements. If your Vitamin b12 & Vitamin D3 is low, you will need to take supplements of them too. Do not blow dry or try any heat treatments on the hair as this will make your hair more brittle. Apply warm coconut oil to condition and nourish your hair.

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