Dermatology Q&A: Natural skin whitening technique

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This week’s answers:

1. Kindly answer my below queries, my skin is very dry during Winters .Can you suggest me some remedies for the same? I am using some moisturizers but not satisfied can you suggest me which one would be appropriate?
Winters can further dry your skin as harsh and cold winds extract the natural oils of the skin. Therefore it’s extremely necessary to keep your skin moisturized and nourished. I recommend natural ingredient based moisturizer to treat skin because They also strengthen the skin’s natural lipid layer and improve skin texture remarkably.

Coconut oil and cream, for instance, have a unique mechanism of moisturizing and hydrating the skin by locking the moisture through penetrating deep into the skin without occluding the surface .This not only make them effective but ensures that the skin stays moisturized for longer periods. It also helps ensure that the skin barrier is repaired and intact as coconut helps to rebuild the skin’s barrier function.

2. I have seen your email id and would like to have your advice. From the last 7 to 8 months have a small dark patch on the tip of my nose. Also dark circles under my eyes. Please let me know how I can get rid of this.
Dark patches and dark circles are the most common problem across age groups. There are multiple reasons why they happen,heredity,lack of sleep ,stress and thin eye lid skin are some of those.Sleep well,eat a protein rich diet,use a sunscreen and an under eye moisturising serum everyday.Sleep with a firm pillow and gently massage the skin under your eyes with your finger tips.If the skin is very dark,do see a dermatologist.

3. hi what is the best care we can do for skin….spot, blemish free…natural face pack….i have combination skin…which shampoo is best for hair n controlling dandruff…any natural care for dandruff
Use oil free face wash meant for oily skin and follow it up with an alcohol free toner. For your scalp use different shampoos in rotation to prevent build up and use an anti dandruff shampoo once a week.

4. I am 33 yrs and I would like to know, if I could improve my skin tone. My hand and face have dark skin.
All of us are born with a particular skin colour which is our natural or best skin colour. Due to sun exposure we tan and turn darker. Hence, all lightening procedures can only bring us back to our original colour which is the colour on your inner thigh or behind your ear. So, the first step in regaining your skin colour is to protect the skin from the sun.

A major method for natural skin whitening is through exfoliation where you remove the top layers of skin and reveal a lighter layer beneath as you literally peel off the dead cells and superficial pigmentation. You can exfoliate your skin using natural scrubs like grated coconut pack mixed in coconut water or crushed almond which will gently remove your top layer. In addition, you can prepare a natural lightening pack that consists of 2 teaspoons of raw) milk, a tablespoon of chickpea (gram) flour and three drops of lime juice for a cumulative lightening effect.

5. I have curly hair. Give me the tips for silky hair
Oiling your hair regularly is the key to naturally healthy, silky and beautiful hair A hot coconut oil massage works wonders as a conditioner and provides the necessary nourishment & moisture to your scalp and hair. It is recommended to oil your hair every time you wash your hair (at least thrice a week) to regain the moisture.

Also, drink at least eight to nine glasses of water daily to keep yourself hydrated. Eat lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, which will help build overall internal health of your hair. Also, protein enriched food such as eggs,milk, yoghurt, sprouts, etc. provide your hair with the essential use a gentle silicone serum to the tips of your hair to keep the curls silky.

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