Dermatology Q&A: Treating eczema successfully

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Sir, I am suffering from Atopic Dermatosis for the last 3 years, I have been treated Alipathic, Homeopathic and also Ayurvedic but till date I am suffering from the same problem. Kindly guide me so that my problem is solved at an earliest.
Snehasis Ganguly.
It is curable 100% till the age of 10 to 11 years. Basically steroids should not be used either internal or external. Even now with correct medication and dietary advice I do treat patients successfully. A fact not widely known even by Dermatologists is that Asthma, Urticaria, Allergic Rhinitis, Hay fever (commom in EUROPE), and eczema of which Atopic Eczema is a variant. All the above mentioned diseases share a common gene, which if corrected with safe therapy will give relief from all of them.

2. Hello Doctor! My skin becomes very dry & scaly in winter. I apply regularly Glycerine + rose water after bath. But in winter, single application of this is not enough. My facial skin is also very sensitive. If I don’t apply anything I feel very dry & an urge to apply some cream, but on application of any kind of cream / lotion, it becomes prone to pimples. Pores in my facial skin are also prominent so it gives an ugly look. I’m 36 years old working female so can’t spend much time in skin care. Pls. advise if any home made / easy to do solution available to get rid of this problem. Skin of my 8 years old daughter is also very dry. Also advise how to remove the wrinkles marks from the under eye area.
You have not outgrown acne which should have been cured by 19 to 20 years of age. Till this time it is referred to as adolescent or teenage acne wherin diet plays a major role. Unfotunately, since you have crossed this age you should maximum use thin grooming creams to the scalp and keep splashing water to your face every hour if required. Other course of treatment would be to periodically take antibiotics throughout your life. Stress plays a major role. Try to do some simple meditation. In case nothing works and you happen to come to Chennai I will try to advise you.

3. Dear Sir, I have a problem on my chin right and left side. This problem i had 4 years ago and I have consulted a doctor and he gave me a injection on that place. After a month the problem was rectified. Initially it will start like a dot and that will become big. It will be like a patch in round shape. In that place hairs will not grow. Now again recently since 2 months this problem is started. So, I request you to give me the permanent solution for this problem.
From the description it appears you had Allopecia Areata which was treated with a 10mg/40 mg injection of Triamcilone a slightly milky fluid which is a long acting steroid with a depot action. It suppresses the immunity till 4 to 12 weeks. In other words it does not cure the ailment but fools the immune system into thinking all is well. In fact I have come across patients who have had 12 injections in the same area leading to atrophy of the skin after which the doctor/ doctors wash their hands off. Basically stress is the major player along with low levels of certain nutrients. Biotin along with L- CYSTEINE should help. Remember nothing is permanent in life eg; age, status, environment, job, family.

4. Dear Dr. Anand Krishna, Hope you are doing Fine. I am presently residing in Doha, Qatar and having tremendous hair fall within these four months, I use to have healthy hair not very long medium length with no dandruff etc… but recently have been facing this problem of hairfall which has made my hair very very scanty now. The weather in Doha is always very dusty and windy, further I also suffer from Hyper Acidity, dont know whether this is the cause of it???
Also I have been taking Vit A, C, D, E in the form of capsules like Seven Seas which even has Cod Liver Oil but I see no difference at all, there is stress realted issues also with me but then I take proper care of my eating etc.., I basically have normal skin, and my head becomes oily very fast every alternate day I have to take head bath, can you pl.s prescibe some medicine.

Shagufta Parkar
Try Neutrogena hair gel as cleanser and avoid all strong anti dandruff shampoos. Take 4 to 6 caps of seven seas a day. Avoid using hair dryers. Instead try ordinary Brylcream ie the red pack. Im sure you should feel better in a few months. Remember anything acquired without hard word not remain for long.

5. Dear Doctor, I am staying near Delhi NCR. I am a 38 year married woman. When summer approaches that means from the month of March last week till october last week, i usually have small small rashes on my whole arm above the elbows. This is very itching whenever i try to touch it. and whenever i goes in sun and when i sweat it creates almost very unbearable situation with itching and a slight irritation. This does not happens in winter season.
Kindly advise what to do . Shall i try some medicine so that i can get rid of this itchy problem. please advise.

I wish to know when the problem started, family history and medication used along with hormonal changes if any

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