Dermatology Q&A: Treating severe hair fall

Dr. Shefali Trasi is a M.B.B.S., MD ( dermatology, leprology and venerology). She has 3 years of PG training in dermatology, venerology and leprology. She practices at Dr. Trasi’s Clinic. She is also attached to Ramakrishna mission hospital, Khar and B.C.J General hospital, Santacruz West. She is a member of the European Academy Of Dermatology and American Academy Of Dermatology.

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I am a 39 year old female with very slight high level of cholesterol. I have theproblem of xathelasma on eyelids since the last two and a half years. I have tried allopathy and homeopathy , both do not work. Is there a permanent way out to get rid of these marks. Please help
rachna gupta

First I would advise you to control your cholesterol levels. High levels can cause recurrence of Xanthelasma. Permanent way of removing it involves removal with application of trichloroacetic acid or radiofrequency machine. Both these techniques work wonderfully to remove xanthelasma.

Hi mam

I m suffering from severe hair loss. When ever i comb my hair, bunch of hair comes out. I started using coconut oil, but it doesn’t seem effective at all. Although it’s increasing hair damage. None of the shampoo is working. All leave my hair dry n freezy. I am 22, years old. I do eat proper diet. Can you please suggest me something for my hair

Thanks in advance

Yours faithfully
surbhi ahuja

Fall of about 100 hair daily is considered normal. More than that is definitely a concern. There are lots of reasons for that like stress, bad diet, hormonal problems, illness etc. So I would like you to go to a Dermatologist to get yourself checked properly. You may need some Vitamin supplements or lotions containing minoxidal, growth factors etc to stop hairfall and help regrowth. Coconut oil may not help much in decreasing the hairfall.

I want to get fair color of my body and going to try l- glutathione capsules. Please tell me.Is it safe for my skin? Is there any side effect? Should I continue? How much time will take for result?
My skin color is wheatish not very dark.
Monika Kashyap

l-glutathione capsules are good antioxidants and they help in lightening the skin colour. You might have to take the capsules for 3-6 months for a complete result. It is safe for skin and doesn’t have any side effects.

Hi .i ve long hair n thick hair.. hair fall lot while taking bath n even i ve split ends.pls suggest me tip to avoid this problem ..


Trim your hair to get rid of split ends. Use a good moisturizing shampoo. Avoid rubbing or scrubbing hair while taking a bath. Use hair serums to get rid of knots in hair. And comb your hair gently when its wet to avoid it from breaking.


I have severe hair fall. It was always there, but from the past few months it has become severe. My hair is curly. I don’t have dandruff. Before washing my hair, I an applying hot coconut oil from the root to the tip for the past 5 weeks, but it is of no use. After having a head bath, I comb it only after it is completely dry. But still I lose a lot of hair.I don’t use a hair dryer.

I’m using Himalaya Anti-hair fall shampoo along with Himalaya conditioner.

I had a hair fall control treatment at a beauty parlour but it didn’t help. I’ve never colored my hair.Can you suggest me a shampoo which controls hair loss and also give me some tips to control hair loss?

Lanka Manasa

If your hairfall has increased then you should visit a Dermatologist. Apart from using all the cosmetic products mentioned above I would want to first treat the cause of this hair fall. Also some Vitamin supplements or lotions containing minoxidal, growth factors etc may be needed to stop hairfall and help regrowth. Please stop all the treatments at your beauty parlour. Have a good balanced diet with lots of proteins in it. A good medicated shampoo meant for such hair loss will also help in decreasing the hairfall.Also you might have start with hair regrowth treatments like lasercomb, mesotherapy.

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