Destress to lose weight

There is a ray of hope for those who find that stress prompts them to reach for yet another helping of holiday goodies. And no, it doesn`t involve dieting.

Mastering simple eating and stress-busting techniques helps prevent weight gain even without dieting among women, suggests a new study by University of California – San Francisco (UCSF).

Women in the study who experienced the greatest reduction in stress tended to have the most loss of deep belly fat, the Journal of Obesity reports. To a greater degree than fat that lies just under the skin, this deep abdominal fat is tied to a higher risk of developing heart disease or diabetes, according to an UCSF statement.

Ayurveda for obesity

`You`re training the mind to notice, but to not automatically react based on habitual patterns – to not reach for a candy bar in response to feeling anger, for example,` said UCSF researcher Jennifer Daubenmier from its Osher Centre for Integrative Medicine.

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