Diabetes may lead to kidney failure

On World Diabetes Day, nephrologists in the capital are reiterating the fact on how diabetes may lead to kidney failure. According to International Diabetes Federation (IDF), the number of diabetes patients has risen sharply in recent years globally. Diabetes in India is no longer considered an epidemic; it has crossed that level and now has become an exorbitantly growing large public health problem.

Dr Sanjiv Saxena, HOD Nephrology department, PSRI Hospital, Delhi. `Apart from affecting the metabolism of the body, diabetes also affects the eyes, heart and kidneys. In fact, diabetes can be most common cause of kidney failure. It is recommended to go for routine medical check-ups and one should also keep away from the disease by avoiding processed /high fat foods and a sedentary lifestyle`.

When kidneys fail, they are no longer able to get rid of excess phosphate from the body. Kidney failure also results in excess parathyroid hormone (PTH) production, which further disrupts the balance between calcium and phosphate in blood. As a result, excess phosphate starts to build up in the blood. If phosphate level is not controlled, the patient may be at risk for developing complications like heart disease, bone damage and other diseases.

Revamp your diet to prevent diabetes

Agrees Dr. Ashwani Gupta, Senior Consultant Nephrologist, Sir Gangaram Hospital, New Delhi `The patients suffering from Chronic Kidney Diseases are given phosphate binders to pass excess phosphate out of the body in the stool, thus it reduces the quantity of phosphate that gets into blood. These are normally taken with every meal to help protect from absorbing too much phosphate from food and drink.

The theories and statistics available caution that the threat from diabetic kidney diseases is more serious than even cancer and cardiac diseases and unless efforts are undertaken to prevent or reduce cases of diabetes and appropriate health intervention made accessible, it can lead to increased burden on society and individuals in the times to come. It is important for the diabetics to undergo simple health screening tests comprising of urine tests, blood tests and ultrasounds once in a year.

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