Diabetes quiz: Get your facts right

Are you one of those people who thinks he is predisposed to diabetes? Or do you think you are sure of the symptoms and can guarantee you don’t have it? Here’s a simple quiz you can take to assess your awareness of the disease.

1. Diabetes is a condition where
A. Blood glucose is too low
B. Blood glucose is too high
C. The body stops making blood glucose

2. People can have different types of diabetes
A. True
B. False

3. You can control your blood glucose level if you
A. Make healthy food choices and are active every day
B. Maintain a healthy weight
C. Take your medicine, if needed
D. Check your blood glucose
E. All of the above

4. People with diabetes can eat sweets and desserts
A. True
B. False

5. Carbohydrate foods that are rich in fibre are
A. White bread and white rice
B. Whole grain foods and fresh fruits and vegetables
C. Sweetened fruit drinks
D. Sweets and desserts

6. If you have diabetes, you should
A. Get 60 minutes of physical activity every day
B. Get 20 minutes of physical activity every week
C. Limit your physical activity
D. Try to walk 10,000 steps a day
E. Both A and D

7. A source of healthy fat in the diet is
A. Chicken skin
B. Whole milk
C. Nuts and avocado
D. Butter

8. You can get enough physical activity by just
A. Watching TV and playing video games
B. Going for a walk on the weekend
C. Swimming at the beach in the summer
D. Being active every day in a way you enjoy

9. People with diabetes should not eat at fast food restaurants.
A. True
B. False

10. People get type 2 diabetes because
A. They have certain genes
B. They are overweight
C. They have a family member who has diabetes
D. All of the above

The answers to this quiz will be published shortly. Check this space to find out if you have your diabetes facts right.

Source: M.V.Hospital for Diabetes & Prof. M.Viswanathan Diabetes Research Centre

Image: Getty Images

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