Diabetic? Forget pills, pop almonds

As India grapples with a major public health problem, being home to an estimated 50.8 million diabetic population, the largest in the world, experts say consuming a few almonds daily can help combat the lifestyle disease.

‘Eating almonds has a positive effect on reducing low density cholesterol and also improves insulin sensitivity; so it does help in pushing diabetes away,’ says Ritesh Gupta, head of clinical operation at Fortis C-Doc Hospital.

‘It is a healthy source of fibre, protein and calories and has been found to have a positive effect in reducing bad cholesterol and improved insulin sensitivity,’ Gupta said.

Diabetes is caused when there is deficiency of insulin hormone, which controls blood sugar levels. Its symptoms include fatigue, excessive thirst and frequent urination.

With an estimated 50.8 million people living with the disease, India has the world’s largest population of diabetics in the world, followed by China with 43.2 million, says the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The number in India is expected to go up to 87 million – 8.4 percent of the country’s adult population – by 2030.

With India staring at a major public health threat due to diabetes and other lifestyle diseases, almond is now being hailed as the health nut.

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