Diabetic patients should avoid fruit juice: Dr. Manisha Talim

Dr. Manisha Talim is currently affiliated to Shushrusha Hospital and Breach Candy Hospital, Mumbai as a Diabetologist.

She has also lectured patients on Diabetes Awareness and conducted several diabetes awareness camps as well.

Dr.Talim answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

last month blood test for diabatic on fasting test i.e.16-08-2013 report show me 110.. he precribed me daily tablets two times after meals please kindly advice me and how can prevented diabetics
Have u done post lunch sugar and hba1c tests also? U should

Is there a diet which could help in putting on weight for a person with diabetes?
If sugars are high,it can cause weight loss and some diabetes medication also.It is important to ascertain cause of weight loss first

Is sedentary lifestyle also one of the main reasons for diabetes today?
Yes….faulty diet,lack of exercise and stress

what is your take on the latest medications available for diabetes today?
There is tremendous progress in this field but we have to be cautious about long term side effects,whenever we we consider a new drug

Good afternoon Doctor, When is diabetes called high risk diabetes?
There is no particular term like “high risk diabetes”……one has to aim to keep blood sugars under control in all patients.If it is significantly high then chances of dehydration,infection are more

what should be a diet plan of the patient for a day
That has to be individualised

once sugar detected can be reversed or kept under control without medicines
Kept under control

What are the side effects of the medicine Triglynace
Cannot comment

Can one skip diabetes even if he has a family history of Diabetes?
If one follows a healthy lifestyle,one can bring down the chances of getting diabetes

Is diabetes related to one’s genes?
Yes…both type 1 and 2

Can one keep a check on one’s blood sugar levels at home?
By using a glucometer

What should be avoided so that one never gets diabetes M’am? Thanks.
One can cut down risk by having healthy diet,exercising regularly and cutting down stress

is common bread also not advisable for diabetic people?
Whole wheat and multigrain bread is preferable

Please tell us about the use of Insulin for Diabetes?
Insulin is reqd for type 1 diabetes and in some type 2 diabetes patients and some gestational diabetes patients

How can one know Dr. whether the sugar levels are too low?
Low blood sugar causes giddiness,sweating,tremors,palpitations,headache

It is important to see what cooking medium has been used to make them.Biscuits without transfats and are high in fibre are okay

Hi Dr. Diabetes is more common in males or females?
Diabetes is common in both

How to control Diabetes with growing ager?
The drugs might need to be modified.Over time,beta cell dysfunction continues and medication needs to be changed.Some drugs are not suitable for elderly

Does obesity always lead to Diabetes?
No.In our country we see visceral obesity more commonly than subcutaneous

Dr. please tell me what causes gestational diabetes?
Placental hormones and insulin resistance

And what are the reasons for diabetes2?
In those who are genetically predisposed,faulty food intake and no exercise.These days we see type 2 Diabetes even in those who have no family history

What are the different reasons that lead to Daibetes1?
Genes,faulty lifestyle,obesity,stress are contributory factors

What should one look for in a good diabetologist Madam?
Someone who sees not just your blood sugar values but also sees that your blood pressure and lipids are under control.Someone who helps you to live well with diabetes and not be afraid of it

How to control diabetes?
By following diet,exercising regularly,relaxing and taking medication as per doctor

Now days we also get sweets for diabetic people. Is it safe?
The important thing to check is whether the fat content is also less…just cutting down sugar but having food that is fat rich will not be helpful

Is sugarcane juice bad for diabetic people?
Yes…all fruit juices and sugarcane juice should be avoided by persons with diabetes

Are colas and adulterated drinks harmful?
Sugary drinks have been linked to a higher risk of diabetes

What is the connection between the foot and Diabetes?
Foot complications can result into gangrene and loss of limb.Peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease can both cause foot problems

Doctor do we need to check our foot regularly?
Yes….foot examination regularly is a must specially for those with neuropathy who may not be able to gauge that there is an injury

Can diabetes be treated permanently?
No…it is controllable not curable

What are the different types of diabetes?
Three main types…Type 1,Type 2,Gestational Diabetes

What is your opinion about artificial sweetners?
I advise my patients to have a natural diet as far as possible and limit artificial sweeteners to the minimum

Is jaggerry more healthier than sugar?
Not for a diabetes patient as it also increases blood sugar

How much sugar can we consume everyday?
If you have diabetes,it is best to avoid sugar

M’am how do can we prevent ourself from being diabetic?
By following the right lifestyle….healthy diet,increasing physical activity and cutting down on stress by relaxation techniques

please suggest foods that can make pancreas to perform better
The best way is to have a balanced diet,incorporating whole grains,having more fibre,proteins from fish,pulses and having low fat milk…avoiding fatty,fried,refined,preserved and processed food

I have detected sugar 2 yrs back. I am taking mignar 25 as prescribed, my sugar level is showing more on empty stomach_ 140 after breakfast it is 120, what interval I shouldget the blood checked, whether I should continue with same tablet
You should check your blood sugar once a month and check HbA1c every 6 months