Diet and exercise go hand in hand: Sheela Tanna

An experienced clinical dietician, nutrition specialist and a Reebok Certified Fitness Consultant, Sheela Tanna has counselled at various health camps.

She deals with lifestyle disease management like diabetes, blood pressure, cardio vascular diseases, obesity, PCOD etc. Her special interests include child nutrition, menopause management, arthitis, hair and skin care.

Sheela answered Sify readers’ queries related to diet and nutrition in an exlusive chat. Read the transcript below

Why is Protien a vital element is our diet and from where do we get it ?
proten is building block of our body.. We need it on regular basis for wear and tear of tissues.. Natural diet like dals, pulses,lean meat has enough protein..No need to buy supplements.

What is green tea and why do doctors recommend it? What are the benefits of green tea?
Green tea is less caffeinated. It is mild appetite suppresant and improves yr metabolic rate..

my blood group is o+ve is there any fodd i need to avoid that may increase the fat content
Blood group has nothing to do with wt loss or gain..

best diet for a 50 yr old want to lose 20 kgs target
High fibre, low fat, medium protein diet with lots of isotonic drinks followed by an exercise regime which you enjoy..

I’m 28 year old with hypertension.Is it effective for high BP if we exercise in multiple sessions a day of 10 minutes each since I’m not getting 40 mins everyday continuously. Pls share ur thoughts on diet too.
Follow DASH diet which is full of vegetables, low fat dairy ,low salt and lots of vegetables to lower hpertension.. Ideally you should workout for continuous 40 minutes at elevated heart rate to get max benefit from exercise.

what will best diet for DIABETES ageing people above fifties?
Low Glycemic diet which includes lot of whole grains, citrus fruits, leafy vegetables, low fat dairy products..would help to lower sugar level. Iclude regular low impact exercise as well..

I do not workout, need to know what I should eat according to my age(30yrs), height(5ft-3in) to control my weight.
Diet and exercise goes hand in hand..Along with high fibre,low fat complex carbohydrate diet include cardiovascular activity like walikin, cycling, swimming for healthy wt loss..

I am 44 years old my weight is 78 kgs my height is 5 feet 6 inches i felt the obesity is due to menopause whether it is possible please suggest
Please have lot of Isotonic drinks like limewater and green tea. Take lot of Calcium rich food and walk everyday for half an hr.. You could include few strength training exercise to prevent bone loss..

Is it true that our food intake should be directly proportional to the amount of exercise we do??
No That`s a old fashioned you eat is more important than how much you eat.

how to reduce tummy
take lots of fibre rich food like beans, salads and whole grain. Avoid all kinds of fried and starchy food and junk food. Exercise everyday and you will reduce your tummy..

I am 29,weighing 45 Kg, a Teacher by profession. I get tired, enery level drops to an extent that I am unable to take the steps to the upper floor. I take Horlicks (for Woman) & add Glucon D to the sipper bottle I carry with me to the school.
hi follow three main meals and 2 small meals pattern.. have lots of fresh fruits and homemade vegetables. include lot of proten rich food like dals, pulses,nuts and dry fruits which will give you lot of energy.. Walk everyday for atleast half an hour to strenghen yr muscles.

I have hair problems. I have tried medicines like Hairgro & Antoxid but its controlled during the medication once I stop the medication the hair fall starts again. I tried both of the medicines for more than a year without a pause.
Hi Kanchan 80/- hair problems can be solved with good diet regime. Have lot of Paneer, lean chicken or fatless dairy products. Spinach and leafy vegetables are hair food. Avoid sun exposure. Exercise and drink plenty of water..

i would like to know the diet to controll diabetes & blood pressure
Follow Low Glycemic index diet. eat whole grains, citrus fruits and lot of leafy vegetables. avoid all kinds of white bread and strchy foods. have a teaspoon of fenugeek seed early morning. Drink lot of water and green teas.

i am last one year suffering from Uric Acid,Thyroid & just two months ago diabetics. in November uric acid report 6.6. Fast Blood i.e. 113 & thyroid reports are ok TSH,T3 T4. give me advice or diet plan, Awaiting for your kind respone. thx rafeeq
hi avoid all kind of high purine food like non veg, sprouts till your level doesn’t come down. Follow low GI diet which is full of fibre, whole grains and low gi fruits. Avoid fried food and starchy and high sugar food.