Diet for effective weight loss: Ms. Chandna

img_1_240x240aug6Ms. Neha Chandna is a young and dynamic dietician with 7 years of experience in her field of counseling people regarding food and health. She has done her masters in Food and nutrition and also a Reebok Fitness instructor course apart from Certification in Prenatal and postnatal exercises.

She adapts new and sustainable ways of helping people to reach their goals be it weight loss, weight gain or controlling health issues like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, thyroid, pocs etc. without making them starve or any other drastic means.

Ms. Chandna answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat.

I m really confusd about carbohydrate foods. some say carbs cause weight gain some say carbs are very essential for ppl who exercise regularly some prescribe carbs protein diet to ppl wanting weight loss . what is your say on it.
hi gaur..carbs are your fuel with the help of which your body and brain works.. but depends on the carbs you eat.. carbs like sugar, processed foods are bad and make you fat.. but fruits, pulses, while grains are great carbs which give you energy and do not make you fat..also depends on the quantity and time you eat your carbs.. fruits eaten in the morning help you lose but eaten at night adds to your weight..

If one stops eating after sunset except a fruit or so, one can lose weight faster and can also maintain his standard weight.. is this really true?
no thats not true.. fruits at night make you more fat.. all you need to do is eat light like soup, salads, veggies/ egg whites 3 hours before you go to bed.. thats is good enough to let you lose weight..

And how can i achieve ideal weight. Guide pls. I have no health problems.
you need to start with 1 hour exercise daily like brisk walk/ dance etc…eat small meals every 2-3 hours.. start your day with fruits, then healthy breakfast like oats upma, poha, dosa etc.. salad with lunch, sprouts or egg whites as eve snacks and light dinner like soups, salads, veggies.. rest well.. drink plenty of water..

Female Height 5ft 5″ age27yrs weight 72 kgs. How much should be my ideal weight madam?
hi bhartie..your ideal weight should be between 63-67kgs..

What time of the day should one eat protein rich diet or which meal during the day should be protein rich?
hi jayen you should include small amount of proteins in every meal instead of taking it all in just one meal..

Dear Ms. Neha Chandna whats the right intake or amount of protein required for male and female-age between 35 to 48 yrs. its for my wife and myself
hi jayen.. protein intake all depends on your workout and lifestyle.. but for a general lifestyle.. you can intake 1 gm per kg body weight protein.. and try getting it from natural sources like nuts, sprouts, pulses, egg whites etc..

my daughter is very fond of cup cakes and smoothies and insists on them everyday. what is your advice on this?
hi suhasi… let her not indulge in cup cakes daily..but you can give her fruit smoothies like banana date blended banana smoothie, mix fruit smoothie etc… instead of cup cake give her date laddoos, til chikki or make some healthy low fat carrot cake at home..

Hi.. my daughter is 9 yrs old. giv me some ideas for her lunchbox menu which is nutritional.
hi suhasi.. you can give he brown rice pulao, veggies frankie, idli sandwich, oats dosa with veggies, shallow fried cutlets with veggies and roti, masala jowar roti, low fat veggies paratha etc..

Which is the most ideal snack apart from fruits for adults ?
hi prabhodini…you can have nuts. sprouts, roasted makhanas or chana kurmura, non salted peanuts, dried fruits like dates, anjeer , raisins etc..

is it wise to include potatoes in our everyday diet? Or is there any other substitute which is healthier?
hi mitali..potato are very healthy with natural energy, vitamin C and minerals.. you can include boiled or steamed potato daily.. just fried needs to be avoided..

i keep fastings once in a while on fruits nd liquids. i want to know what can be the right food items to eat the day before and the day after fasting?
hi mitali.. you can eat normal food befoer and after fasting.. just the day post your fast start with fruits and then slowly go to your next normal meal..

I am 31yrs male addicted to fast food. How can I leave this bad habit?
hi puru.. you will have to strong and make sure you fix one meal a week to have your favorite junk food.. other days you can have chatpata home made versions of junk food like homemade low fat pizza, non fried cutlets, air fried chips or fries etc.. carry food from home so that you do not indulge into roadside junk..

What are the best sources of low fat energy foods for vegans?
hi teeza like i mentioned fruits like banana, mango etc, potato salads, sprouts, bhel are all low fat energy giving foods..

What is your advice to me… I am office goer woman and have two children age 6 and 8years. I am tired all the time. I am a vegan.
hi teeza..the reason for your tiredness could be lack of energy giving foods.. i suggest start your day with good amount of fruits and dried fruits like dates, anjeer, raisins etc.. and then throughout the day include..nuts, sprouts, salads, brown rice, jowar ragi.. avoid fried and sweet foods as they will drain you..drink good amount of water, have 1 coconut water/day and rest well..

Do diet pills work? There seems to be so many weight loss, weight gain supplements, pills available in the market.
no none of them work.. what works is a good diet and exercise program.. rest all is fad..

Good Afternoon. How and why is fiber essential?
Hii deepali.. fiber is a part of food which does not have calories and does not get digested in the system.. but yet regulates the digestion and absorption of sugar in the blood stream, controlling diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol and other blood related issues.. it also cleanses the system and throws out toxins from the body..

What foods can be taken for strong nails?
hi deepali, for strong nails you need to high protein and nutrient rich foods like nuts, sprouts, fruits, pulses and whole grains.. avoid processed and junk foods..

The doctor says I lack vitamin C and I am allergic to citrus fruits. Are there any other sources from which this vitamin in available?
yes you can get them from non citrus fruits like peaches, plums, mango, melons etc , green leafy vege juices and from sprouts..

In vegetarian Indian food, what are the sources of various vitamins and minerals?
All natural foods like variety of fruits, vegetable, juices, nuts, seeds, grains and pulses provide the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients.. anything processed loses its nutrients and makes the food low on vitamins and minerals..

Ma’am what type of diet would you suggest to a type 2 diabetic?
hi deepali.. for a type 2 diabetic, it best to eat foods with natural high fibers like fruits, salads, sprouts, pulses, whole grains like briwn rice, jowar, ragi, nuts and seeds.. they need to eat in small portions often rather than large meals.. its also important to exercise daily for an hour..

Hi Ma’am, What is your take on the various weight loss diets that keep emerging?
hi sumena.. i believe changing your lifestyle and habits is the only way to lose weight and keep it off permanently.. all other diets are fad and affect your health badly which can be irreversible and highly damaging..

Please share some tips on what to eat everyday for a overall healthy diet.
hi sumena.. in your day to day routine.. you need to focus more on natural foods like fruits, nuts, salads, sprouts, coconut water, juices, whole grains like ragi, jowar, brown rice etc..and avoid fried, processed and sweet foods.

Hello, I have high levels of acidity. I need to keep having frequent meals. Please give me some healthy snack ideas
hi sumena.. fruits are best remedies for acidity..start your day with fruits…have sprouts/ pulse salads/ dried fruits as snacks..drink coconut water… and avoid junk food..

Is there anyway I can lose weight only by dieting?
hi sumena.. yes all you need to do small meals every 2-3 hours.. start your day with fruits, then healthy breakfast like oats upma, poha, dosa etc.. salad with lunch, sprouts or egg whites as eve snacks and light dinner like soups, salads, veggies.. rest well.. drink plenty of water..

Does it help our metabolism if we fast once in a while? What are the dos and don’ts of fasting, if recommended?
hi dipansh.. its good to fast once in a while to give your digestive system rest.. but the best way to do a fast is to eat fruits, fresh fruit juices, coconut water to give you energy..

What are goji berries? I have heard a lot about them but what exactly are their benefits and how can we include them in our diet?
hi dipansh..goji berries are found in china rich in antoxidants and help in improving health.. you can eat them just the way they are or add them in fruit juices, curd or the way you like them.

Good afternoon Ma’am. Could you please tell us about your daily eating routine because you have amazing glowing skin.
hi dipansh.. thank you.. you need to focus more on natural foods like fruits, nuts, salads, sprouts, coconut water, juices etc..and avoid fried, processed and sweet foods.

What foods would you recommend for glowing skin?
hi anshu.. have more of fruits, fresh fruits juices, coconut water, vegetable juices, nuts, salads, sprouts etc to help your skin glow..

How can we include chia seeds in our diet?
hi anshu.. you can add it you your salads, dals, buttermilk etc..

How can flaxseeds be included in our diet?
hi anshu.. you can roast the seeds and add them whole in soups, salads, dals etc or powder it and add it to your atta..

Ma’am they say chia seeds is beneficial for overall health. Could you please elaborate on that?
hi anshu.. chia seeds are rich in omega 3 fats, fiber, minerals, antioxidants and low in calories..which helps to control blood sugars, cholesterol, heart issues and improve overall health..

Hello Ma’am, There is a wedding coming up in the family in 4 months and I would like to lose weight. What diet would you suggest and what foods should I consume more?
hi anshu.. i suggest start with 1 hour walks small meals every 2-3 hours.. start your day with fruits, then healthy breakfast like oats upma, poha, dosa etc.. salad with lunch, sprouts or egg whites as eve snacks and light dinner like soups, salads, veggies.. rest well.. drink plenty of water..

Is cheese more healthy or paneer?
hi mesh.. cheese has higher protein. vitamin a, b12 and calcium content.. but it also high in calories.. hence choose wisely..

How different is cheese from paneer?
hi mesh.. cheese is processed and aged for many years whereas as paneer is freshly made out of milk.. but the fat composition is not too diffferent.. it also depends on the type of cheese and the milk used for paneer..

Is it ok to eat paneer added to vegetables once a week or should the frequency be cut down ?
hi mesh.. you can low fat paneer more often but if it is commercially made panner then 1-2 a week should be fine..

img_3_240x240aug6Are calcium supplement tabs safe to take?
hi kavitha.. calcium supplements are heavy for the system and can lead to kidney stones and other problems hence continuous use of it is inadvisable.

I am women 45yrs allergic to dairy products. How can I get the required calcium intake?
hi need to consume more of fruits, dried fruits, nuts, sprouts, pulses, ragi, coconut flesh etc to get your calcium requirement..

36yrs female. am planning a baby soon. My doctor has suggested folic acid supplement tabs. What is your advice?
Yes you need to take it for your childs brain and neural development.

Can being underweight at the age of 17yrs lead to serious health issues?
Not at all.. as long as the child is healthy and active.

If a kid is not underweight due to genetic reasons then what can be the other causes of being underweight?
hi jaks… it just could be high metabolism or activity level.. as long as she is healthy and active.. do not worry..

My daughter is 17yrs old and is underweight. She is under dietician supervision. But can you also please give some useful diet suggestions for her?
hi jaks.. you need to give her more of high calorie foods like bananas, eggs, milk etc to help her gain.. you can give her endura mass with milk, dry fruit milkshakes, potato salad etc.. it would be great if she could do some weight training to help her add on the muscle mass..

Pl suggest some dietary changes for high cholesterol ???
hi raisa..the best way to reduce high cholesterol is to indulge in natural hi fiber foods like fruits, nuts, salads, sprouts, brown rice, whole grains like ragi, jowar etc.. Avoid fried and sweets.. make sure you exercise 1 hour daily.

Which is better for health egg yolk or egg white?
hi raisa.. whole egg is the best for health but if you have weight issues then 1 yolk and more whites is the solution..

Is it true Mam Neha that eggs can cause high cholesterol?
hi raisa.. if you consume too many whole eggs in a day then yes.. but 1 egg or more egg whites will not increase your cholesterol..

Spicy foods generally cause acidity. Is there anything that can be consumed with spicy foods that help in avoiding acidity?
hi can have lemon juice along with spicy food.. or soaked sabja in water to curb the burn..

Good morng madam. 40yr woman. I have acidity problem. Suggest some foods which control or can stop acidity.
hi venal..The simplest way to control acidity is to start your day with fruits(500gm) at least and avoid heavy fried and sweet foods like aerated drinks, colas, samosas, vada etc and processed foods as well like breads, biscuits, chips etc..have more of natural stuff like coconut water, lemon juice, fresh fruit juices, salads, nuts, small meals instead of large meals at a time..

Dear Ms. Neha, My serum cholesterol levels are on the higher side. Biochemistry: – Lipid Pro Ord, Serum Cholesterol: 328mg/dl, HDL : 57.5 Cholesterol HDL ratio: 5.7 What diet should be taken in order to remain fit.
Hi sudeep.. the best way to reduce high cholesterol is to indulge in natural hi fiber foods like fruits, nuts, salads, sprouts, brown rice, whole grains like ragi, jowar etc.. Avoid fried and sweets.. make sure you exercise 1 hour daily.

Hello Neha, i am jiten patel. My age is 26 and my weight is 70kgs. I have bit fat stomach, how to reduce it and what i have to do for same?
Hi jiten.. To lose weight you need to exercise for an hour and eat small meals every 2-3 hours.. healthy foods like fruits, nuts, salads, dals, egg whites, sprouts have to be a part of your daily well and drink enough water..keep dinner light like soups, salads veggies..

What about peanut butter? Is it more healthy compared to other types of butter?
hi naahid…Peanut butter also has high fat content as other butter but yes its more healthy in terms of its low saturated fat content as compared to other butters.

What is the right quantity of peanuts for everyday consumption?
Hi naahid.. You can have a handful of non salted peanuts everyday.

Hello. Some say that eating peanuts can cause weight gain. Do peanuts serve as the perfect snack for every day?
hi naahid..non salted peanuts a handful as a daily snack are great.. only if you excessively indulge in it or have salted ones, then the weight gain issue comes in the picture.. other than that peanuts are super healthy.

Is it very unhealthy to have dinner after 8pm?
Hi diya, not really. it all depends on the time you sleep.. you should have your dinner 3 hours before you hit the bed.

I am 39 yrs female. I am not used to eating breakfast right from childhood. If I do eat something in the morning then I do not feel hungry during lunch time. What is advice on what should I ‘must include’ in my lunch menu since I don’t have breakfast?
Hi diya, i suggest if you do not feel like having breakfast atleast have some fruits at that time to help your metabolism kickstart and then for lunch you can have salads + roti+ veggies+ dal..