Diet myths that could fool you

When it comes to food and weight loss, don’t let yourself be fooled. Check out these popular diet myths that continue to do the rounds. You’ll be surprised to see that you many you believe in yourself!

More and more people today are trying different methods to get into shape to lead a healthier life. Unfortunately, with all these methods come a whole bunch of crazy misconceptions about what works and what doesn’t.

We have for you some of the most common diet myths that people believe to be true, only to end up crying in horror when they get on the weighing scale. Forget these myths and instead follow our sane advice for a healthier you!

Top 10 diet myths

1. All vegetarian food is healthy
This myth arises from the fact that vegetables have fewer calories than meat. However, you cannot overlook the way the food has been cooked. For instance, a grilled chicken will probably be healthier than a deep fried samosa.

So pay attention to not just the ingredients but also the method of cooking.

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2. Liquid calories don’t count
Some dieters will go to great lengths to say no to a square of chocolate and then go ahead and have a mocha cappuccino! Just because you’re not biting into them doesn’t mean the calories aren’t there.

Watch out for the hidden calories in beverages, fruit juices and alcohol.

3. Anything that’s fat-free is calorie-free
Namkeen and biscuit packets with the words ‘FAT FREE’ emblazoned on them are everywhere and innocent people are falling into their trap as we write this! Remember, calories also come from sugar and carbohydrates so don’t go munching on those fat-free biscuits in the belief that they’re harmless.

Do read the nutrition label before buying something ‘healthy’.

4. Carbs are the enemy
With Atkins and South Beach and numerous other fad diets, carbs have taken a really bad rap over the last few years. While many dieters found good results when they reduced their carbohydrate intake, it’s a bad idea to cut them out altogether.

Every food group is essential for the functioning of the body, so don’t completely eliminate one and load up on another.

5. All fats are evil
You may have heard of the concept of good (monounsaturated and polyunsaturated) fats and bad (unsaturated and trans) fats. Bad fats that you should avoid as they increase your bad cholesterol are found in animal fat and partially or fully hydrogenated oils like dalda and vanaspati.

Good fats are found in foods like walnuts, almonds, peanuts, salmon, soy and sunflower oils. These are good for the body and aid in weight loss.

6. Say no to milk
From time to time, new reports suggest that milk is not the wonder food it’s made out to be and might in fact hinder your weight loss process. Different nutritionists have different takes on milk, but there’s no doubting the fact that milk and milk products can take care of many of your dietary needs.

If it’s the fat you’re worried about, simply go for a fat-free version of milk.

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7. Snacking is strictly prohibited
There’s long been a belief that if you want to lose weight, you should have just three big meals in a day and avoid snacking in between.

Studies suggest that eating 6 or 7 small meals through the day is not only healthier, but also shows better weight loss results. Watch out for the snacks you eat however. Say no to chips and biscuits and go in for fruits and nuts instead.

8. It’s OK to splurge on weekends
This often ends up as one of the biggest setbacks for a dieter – being careful all week and then going crazy on the weekend with junk food and dessert.

Better than depriving yourself of food you love is to just eat it, albeit in small quantities.

Don’t say no today to just end up eating double on the weekend.

9. Skipping meals will help in weight loss
This is a terrible mistake and also a terribly common phenomenon amongst those looking to lose weight. Skipping a meal sends your body into starvation mode and you only end up eating more than you should later.

Eat all your meals and never ever starve yourself.

10. Those natural fat busters you see advertised actually work
Fat busters that promise startling results due to their secret ingredients from the Amazon rain forest or the surface of the moon or wherever might be the longest running April fool’s gag in history. They do not work and are designed for one purpose only – to take your money. Worse, they might actually be harmful and cause your body serious damage.

Don’t fall for things that seem too good to be true. Healthy eating + regular exercise + a good night’s sleep is the only proven formula to lose weight.


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