Diet tips for a healthy monsoon

crop_03_july25Monsoons are here and so is the time for chaat pakoda and a hot cup of chai. This monsoon, let’s share a cup of hot green tea with Dietician Priyam Ahuja and get to know her health fundas to stay healthy and fit during monsoons.

Baarishon mein dil kehta hai onion bhajiya khane ko, hai na?

Funda One: It is the monsoon when you take a break from your daily walks, early morning jogging and gym workouts. It is the monsoon which make you feel so lazy that all you want to do is sleep, eat and sleep.

It is the monsoon that really defines you. There is no doubt about the fact that monsoons can eventually make you fat. So get started and do not let the rain stop you from your workouts. Dance at home or go ahead with yoga if you can’t move outdoors but keep moving.

Funda 2: It is raining everywhere and when you see so much water around you, you forget that your body needs hydration from the water you drink. Its a fact that during monsoon you end up drinking less water than what you should be, leading to water retention in your body making you look bloated. Ensure that you have your water bottle around and that you drink water as often as you can.

Funda 3: The craving for hot deep fried bhajiyas, samosas, kachodis, pakodas, vadas increases manifolds this season. It is often considered as snacks along with tea in between meals which is munched upon and forgotten about. After gaining weight, we wonder what caused the weight gain even though we’ve been following the same breakfast-lunch-dinner diet pattern. Its time we realize that the moment our food is deep fried it shall not just increase your weight but shall also have a negative effect on your heart. To keep your heart healthy and happy stay away from them.

Funda 4: Microbial activity increases during monsoon leading to reduction in immunity levels. It increases your risk of illness. Whenever you eat outside take special care in ensuring that the food is not contaminated and the water used in cooking is fresh and pure. Add vitamin C rich fruits and vegetables to your diet to enhance your immunity.

Funda 5: Try to avoid keeping fruits and vegetables for more than two days in the fridge. Have only fresh fruits and veggies. Look for spoilage and if any, remove the entire batch from your refrigerator.

Funda 6: Gastric problems like diarrhea are common health issues faced during the rainy season, Add probiotic curd in your diet for a healthy gut.

Monsoon is the time for enjoyment. Stay Fit and enjoy the drizzle!!


Ms. Priyam Ahuja
Food Nutritionist and Dietician

Priyam Ahuja is an Anti-Obesity Expert, Practicing Dietician and Founder of Diet of a Dietician working pan India with a motto to create a niche towards healthy living. An internationally awarded Nutritionist and a consultant to Television and media faces, sports players , corporate, housewives and just everyone.

Priyam has been creating awareness about healthy living through expert talks on television ,internet, radio, magazines, newspapers along with seminars and workshops and has brought happiness in lives of people dealing with obesity , hypertension, diabetes , heart diseases , thyroid , PCOD , post-pregnancy weight gain , eating disorders and lifestyle modifications.

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