Dieting slows down your body`s metabolism

Losing weight is twice as hard as you may think as reducing your calorie intake slows down your metabolism, say scientists.

They said that dieters` expectations have been too high, and official guidance that cutting 500 calories a day will result in a pound of weight being lost a week is plain wrong, the Daily Mail reported.

But dieters need not worry, as the same experts have created an online calculator that allows would-be slimmers to adjust their expectations and gain a more realistic picture of what they can expect to achieve.

Eat sweets at breakfast to lose weight

The Body Weight Simulator website – at – estimates how much less that person will have to eat, or how much more exercise they`ll have to do reach their goal.

Official advice in the UK and the U.S. has long been that cutting out 500 calories a day will lead to weight loss of a pound a week.

What goes into a 1500kcal weight loss plan

But the calculation assumes that weight loss is steady and does not take into account that a person`s metabolism slows down as they lose weight, making subsequent pounds harder to shed.

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