Dissatisfied with fitness regime? Try a personal trainer

Twenty-five-year-old Mamta Arora had been regularly hitting the gym for a year, but to her horror, she didn`t lose more than a kilogram…until she met a Noida-based personal trainer who gave her astonishing results in just three months.

A mentor, a motivator and the key to weight loss – wake up to the wonders of a personal trainer who will help you get that enviable body.

Gyms these days encourage people to avail themselves of the services of a personal trainer who can figure out their body type and make them exercise accordingly, experts say.

`People are mostly unaware of their movements and mistakes they make while exercising or even after maintaining their goals. So this is where a personal trainer comes in. His job is to keep them on track with diet and exercises,` Aashu, Arora`s personal trainer, said.

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`A personal trainer is a help facility providing you necessary direction with the correct vision to attain your target logically in minimum time as he has the expertise to understand your body movements. The most important part is that he starts thinking and planning where you stop for yourself,` he added.

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