Does crash dieting help in losing weight faster?

Following a crash-dieting program instead of a long term one may help you lose weight faster, claims researchers. Losing at least 500 grams a week would help in achieving and maintaining a slim figure.

The research study conducted by a team from the University of Florida examined cases of 262 overweight women undergoing a six-month program. This program encouraged these overweight women to cut their calorie intake and increase their physical activity. The participants were divided into three groups on the basis of how much weight they lost in the first month of the trial.

Participants under fast weight loss group were found to have lost almost a pound per week, those in moderate weight loss group recorded loss of half a pound in a week’s time while the slow weight loss group participants lost less than half a pound per week.

The researchers studied these women’s weight loss and weight regain after six months and 18 months. They found there were long-term advantages to fast initial loss of weight. It was found that participants from the fast weight-loss group had lost more weight overall, could maintain their weight loss program for longer and were less likely to put on weight in comparison to the more gradual weight losers.

According to the study result, losing weight faster leads to greater short-term weight reduction and does not result in increased susceptibility to weight regains. It also helps in successful long-term weight management.

The nutritionists, however, still argue over whether losing faster or a following a gradual weight loss is best for losing weight. It is better to set realistic goals after proper consultation with a nutritionist or a doctor, eat the right foods and maintain a healthy weight. Staying physically active is also important in weight management.

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