Dr. A.M.Rajani: Knee disorder is not hereditary

Dr. A. M.Rajani is an honarary asst professor in Orthopaedics at the Grant Medical college and JJ group of hospitals.He practices as a consultant knee surgeon, at Saifee hospital,Cumballa Hill hospital & Nanavati hospital and visiting surgeon at Breach Candy hospital.

He has treated a wide variety of patients with either conservative and/or operative management. The main area of his practice is Primary and Revision Total Knee Replacement and Reconstructive Knee Arthroscopy.

Dr. A. M.Rajani answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Dr Rajani, I used to jog regularly for several years till I slipped and hurt my right knee. The x ray shows damage to the cartilage. I now walk with a knee support for the last one month . how long will it take to heal and become normal?

Very difficult to predict unless one has a look at your Xray or MRI.

Hi doctor, good evening…when ever I climb stairs, my knee hurts badly..what should I do to stop hurting. thanks

When u climb up the stairs use the good knee as the first step… When u climb down the steps use the bad knee as the first step.

I am a working woman 52 yrs old. I experience knee pain since one year and using the knee caps 24 hrs on both my knees. Tell me some preventive steps to reduce the pain and keep my legs perfect.

Avoid sitting cross-legged on the floor… Avoid climbing steps Reduce weight Use hinged knee brace Foment with ice 30 mins three times a day

Doctor , What is the difference between total and partial knee replacement?

There are three compartments of the Knee Joint. Inner (medial), Outer (lateral) and patello-femoral compartment.Partial Knee Replacement is done for Early arthritis which generally involves the medial compartment of the knee joint. This is a more technically demanding surgery but it gives you a knee much closer to the normal

How can people prevent knee problems?

Strengthening of the quadriceps and hamstrings are very important to unload the knee joint

What are some common causes of knee pain?

Meniscus tears, Cartilage lesions, Knee instability due to ACL deficiency, Chondormalcaia Patella (softening of the knee cap cartilage), Arthritis

Dr…I would like to how do one prepares for knee replacement surgery?

99% preparation is in the mind…you should know what to expect after this surgery. You should understand the rehabilitation program and once you are convinced then go for it. The other aspect of preparation is finding a specialist knee surgeon who does these operations routinely. Finding a good set up (Hospital) where this surgery is done regularly… and it has all facilities required for this surgery. The final preparation is to get yourself medically examined for fitness to undergo this procedure

Why knee pain happen. what type of deficiency , what is the region behind this

There are several causes for knee pain….but the two basic groups are 1. Trauma– injury to the soft tissue structures in the knee 2. Degeneration: wear and tear of the articular cartilage.

In 2004 my patella got dislocated due to lgmnt damage in an acdnt.After 8 yrs,last week,while i was playing badminton it again got dislocated.But it was back into place when i strghtnd my knee.Will this appear again?

You may have torn your medial patello-femoral ligament during the first episode… did u get an MRI done. if the MPFL is torn, there is quite a good chance this will reoccur

My mother has knee problem , she is 67 yrs old having problem for last 12/ 15 yrs . even her legs get deshaped frm knee to toe, pls suggest is knee replacement is ok for her , after get oprated deshaped legs too helpful in routine day to day . pls suggest

Age is never a criteria to get a total knee replacement surgery done. if she has been suffering and is having a deformity… she should go for surgery

Dear sir, My wife suffering from knee problem due to dry liquid. Is there any medicine available to Improve the liquid. Her age is 53 Please advice. Regards jagadeesan

There is an injection containing Hyaluronic acid… this acts like grease put on worn out machines… Patients benifit from this if they are in early stages of arthritis

I am 33 my problem – cracking sound comes from my keens only pain in my right side, very hard to climb stair…pls suggest me…

Well, it is very difficult to answer this… there could be cartilage problem or meniscus problem which needs to be diagnosed… see a knee specialist

My mother is 70 yrs old. She is undergoing knee problem from last 15 years and taking related medicines prescribed from a Rhumatalogist. Doctor say her entire bones have become very soft now. Kindly advise if she can go for a successful knee replacement

Generally most of our patients have osteoporotic bones (soft bones) and Total Knee Replacement is conducted Succesfully on them. Although there are chances of intra-operative fractures, the percentage of them is very low if due care is taken by the surgeon.

My mother is 65 years old, and has osteoporosis, leading to severe knee pain, and restricted movement (especially in right knee). What are the alternatives to knee replacement? Apart from pain-relief approaches, are there other approaches to treatment?

Strengthening of Quadriceps and hamstring. use of hinged knee brace. use of walking aid.

Does stretching exercises related to knee help in curbing knee problems?

It strengthens the muscles around the knee joint and improves flexibility.. giving some pain relief

Is a knee disorder hereditary?

No it is not, but it is related to lifestyles which is carried forward by generations

My friend’s wife is in need of knee replacement. If knee joint be replaced, 1. what will be the life of that replaced joint ? 2. Will she be able to enjoy the normal life ?

The average life of joint replacement is 15 years. off course she will be able to enjoy life post surgery