Dr.Nina Madnani: Spinach is important for good skin

Dr Nina Madnani is a senior renowned consultant Dermatologist, Venereologist, Leprologist, and Cosmetologist of Mumbai.

She is an expert at managing vulvar disease (problems on the female genitals), and is the only fellow of The International Society for Study of Vulvovaginal Disease (FISSVD).Her expertise lies in managing acne, baldness and other alopecias in both men and women.

She is now the Head of Department, P.D. Hinduja National Hospital and M.R.C., a tertiary care hospital in Mumbai.

Dr Nina Madnani answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

Mam i have dandruff and due to this my hairs continuously fall tell me what i can do.

Make sure your dandruff is well controlled with regular washing with an anti dandruff shampoo. Take some multi vitamins for 3 months and if the hairfall still persists you can consult a Dermatologist to rule out other causes of hairfall.

I am 42 yr male and have dark pigment below my eyes ..hw to remove it or minimize it

Stop rubbing your eyes whenever you are tired. Make sure you get adequate sleep and use a moisturiser.

Lot of people say toothpastes remove pimples faster , Is it true ?

Not aware of it!

I just got a new zit! How can I make it go away fast?

You can use the OTC spot pimple products. They sometimes work.

Hi…..I’m a first yr ddvl student I’ve heard a lot abt your clinical acumen Could u please let me know the procedure to join u as a trainee/assistant!!!

email me at ninamadnani@gmail.com and we can discuss further.

Pimples burst every time I get my period, what should I do? Help!

This indicates a hormonal imbalance. May be you should go to your Gynaecologist and check it out.

Helloo , good evening dr… I have blackheads! Any suggestions on how to get rid of them?

Blackheads on the nose are actually very tiny hair. If there are black heads on the cheeks or forehead, they are the first stage of acne and need to be treated by a Dermatologist.

Using hair dye for last 25 yrs. Age 50. Problem of hair fall. Is it due to dye. Using renowned brands , but with frequent change of brand.

Hair dye may cause some mount of hair fall which is due to brittleness of the hair. But check for other reasons like deficiencies and medication, etc.

Dr. suggest a mantra for glowing skin

Eat healthy, sleep well and keep your skin healthy and moisturized.

Hi..am college student, I have dandruff and pimples..how to cure it?

Keep your scalp clean by shampooing alternate days with an anti dandruff shampoo. Don’t oil your hair and sleep with it overnight as that can aggravate the dandruff and the acne. Get your acne treated by a Dermat, if regular OTC anti acne products don’t work for you.

What foods are good for my skin?

Fruits, green vegetables, proteins like dals, eggs, white meat. Spinach is very important for good skin.

I have black mole in skin , how to remove it ?

The mole has to be surgically excised.

Hello doctor..my face gets white dots , like dry skin..what should I do 2 stop it?

There are many reasons for white dots. You need to be checked by a Dermat to diagnose the dots.

Hi…pl tell me how to skin clear n neat without drying ?

Use a mild face wash which doesn’t tend to dry out the skin. And don’t wash the face very often even if it only with water as each time the skin dries out. Try and apply moisturizer after each wash.

How to keep skin glowing n smooth ?

Be happy, eat healthy, use a moisturizer and sunscreen and get adequate exercise and sleep.

How to remove acne marks?

Acne marks can be removed with creams, chemical peels, lasers, etc. The choice of treatment depends on the type of scars and their depth. Proper choice of the procedure is very important for successful outcome.

I have pimples for long time. It clears but again starts bursting… I have tried Ayurveda and English medicines everything..pl help me out

The problem is that patients do not take English medicines as the Doctor prescribes and stop the medicines as they feel better. If you follow your Doctor’s advice there is no possibility of the acne coming back in the same vengeance or severity

Hi Dr..what is the treatment for warts without surgery?

There are some OTC products which are solutions to applied on the warts. Ask your chemist for it.

Is it must to wear sun cream wen u go out in sun ? How does it help?

Yes! It is the best anti aging modality.

I have pimples in my back , its very itchi, Suggest some cream or medicines.

Use a soap to wash your back which contains salicylic acid or Benzoyl peroxide.

Hello Doctor! I have been suffering from Seborrheic Dermatits for the past 5-6 years now. Despite consulting several skin specialists, the problem stands unresolved. I develop pustules on face and scalp and, redness at body joints. Is there a solution?

Seborric Dermatitis is a constitutional problem which tends to fluctuate under conditions of stress, lack of sleep or weather changes. It can easily be controlled with medicated shampoos and oral medication which is anti-fungal. There may be periods where it has disappeared completely. Do not stress abt it and treat it as required.

My daughter(5years old)was having very bad eczema when 2 month old now she has improved a lot.now she has white dandruff type sometimes on her hair and also same thing on eye lashes also.what it can be if you can guide.

Just as you have eczema on the body your scalp skin can also get dry and flaky. Make sure you oil your hair. Shampoo with a very mild shampoo. The eyelashes can be shampooed with a ‘No Tears’ baby shampoo to clear the lashes of the flakes.

My face has developed lot of freckles, blackheads and acne scars. My face develops pimple if I try something new on my face. Please suggest best soap, and aesthetic treatment/treatments in combination for my skin problems.

It is essential to use a matte finish sunscreen to prevent development or darkening of freckles. Try to use anti acne washes and avoid using greasy creams and cosmetics on your face. Make sure you was all your make up every night. If your acne is really bad then consult a Dermat. Avoid facials or waxing of the face.

Dr. How often can one have body massages

Once a week.

Dr. Is facials a must or can 1 do without them??

Facials are not a must for everybody and they can be bad for people who have acne prone skin as after a couple of facials there will be a build up of white heads and painful pimples. Facials are more a feel good factor for drier skins. They should be started only when in late 20s or 30s.

Dr what do u suggest for a clear skin?

Eat healthy, always use a moisturiser and a sunscreen and avoid using too many diff products for your skin. If you have an acne problem try using the OTC acne products. If those fail consult a Dermat.

Dr. I have white spots below my eyes. Is it cholesterol deposits? Am 43.

Cholestrol deposits below the eyes are usually yellow in colour. If they are cholestrol deposits, you need to get the following investigations done: Lipid profile, check for diabetes and thyroid disease.

Hi Dr. I am 43. i have a dark black patch on my back below the neck.it was due to henna there was itching but the patch remains . is it contact dermatitis. suggest ways to get rid of it Dr no itching now its very obvious when i wear low neck blouses…….

The patch which you have on your back is due to allergy but mostly due to sun damage. But do you use a scrub on your back? You will have to keep it covered at all times. And use an OTC lightening product, if that doesn’t work, we need to do some procedures to get the pigment out.

Hi,i am 34 and lost all hair, Remedy

Is there a family history of Baldness? Having lost all your the best chance is to go for a Hair Transplant or a use of wig.