Dr Purnima Mhatre: How to get rid of tan naturally

Cosmetic dermatologist, Dr Purnima is an expert in using autologous fat transplant as a permanent treatment for wrinkles in India.

She started her work in cosmetology in Dr Trasi’s Dermatology and Laser Centre 2001, and gained mastery over procedures like botox, filler injections, photo rejuvenation, photodynamic therapy, etc.

She was official beauty and wellness expert at Pantaloon’s Femina Miss India 2010, Grazia Ford Models Super Model of the World India 2008 and Scooty Teen Diva India International 2008.

She runs the Gorgeous Skin Clinic, a state-of-art clinic offering beauty and healthcare services.

Dr Purnima took time off her busy schedule to answer Sify readers’ queries on skin care. Read the complete chat transcript here.

What is the cause of lichen planus?
hereditory and stress are the common causes of lichen planus

I am lady of 23 yrs,developed hairs on the body which look ugly. kindly, suggest me how to overcome this difficulty.
laser hair removal is the best solution.

I’m 35 years female,i have no other heath problem ,but for along time i have unwanted hair in chin& upper lips ples madam give any safe side solution,which is safe for future.
laser hair removal is the best solution. drpurnimaskinclinic.com.gorgeous skin clinic-02226049333, 02226049555

I am 26yrs old, married and have a kid. i have wards spread on my face and neck. it has increased that too after delivery. but, it
is very small and will be noticed only during close look. please suggest me some home remedy or even some treatments.

The warts need to be removed with the laser machine.

Does direct exposure to sun in 40-45 c for 4 hours create skin problem ? i live in oman and i am told to do so to cure polio.i am
53 years old.direct exposure to sundn has helped me lot but i am afraid it may damage my skin.

Tes it will affect your skin. you must use sunblock with spf 50 and above.

How to get rid of oily skin becoming dark in hot area in bharuch, gujarat
Use sunblock with spf 50

I have some whitish yellow signs on my upper lid of eye , some doctors said that this is the deposition of cholestrol.i m 42 years
old and my cholestrol level is in normal range but with upper limits so please suggest how to remove these signs.

Yes. this is xanthelasms. this can be removed with laser.

I have dandruff since childhood..infact its so much that i’m ashamed of wearing dark clothes.even my dad and aunt has the same/i have tried on ketoconazole shampoo.is seborrheic dermatitis the same as dandruff?i even have severe hair loss.
You need to visit gorgeous skin clinic

What are the reasons and remedy for craking of foot?
xerina cream

Hi, this is sony, my skin is very dark in the neck portion, than compared to any other portion, please suggest any remedy for the

If you are overweight then your neck tends to get dark. loose weight and then go for skin lighning treatments

I have dark spot on nose. previous treatment (nilton, kolgivit, some medication, no soya, covered from sunlight) effective in ist
month then medicine changed not ointments further no improvement. now using melalite. suggest me.

Creams wont help you. microdermabrasion, antipigment treatments, laser photo rejuvenation will help

Hello dr. i m 25 years old, i have dark circles under my eyes, what do i do to reduce them? is there any cream in market in which
you beleive???? what do i do for gowing skin????

You can apply kojivit cream under eyes morning and night

I have wrinkled skin, especially on my hands. also, my hands are very rough. i am 25 and my hands look like of a 60-year-old woman.
please suggest something.

Use antiwrinle cream and moisturising cream day and night. laser photorejuvenation will help

Please suggest me something for open pores. i have my t points oily. i am 25 and i look older than my age due to open pores on my

Use antiacne cream during day and night. also wash your face with antianefacewash

How far it is safe to go for hair transplantation?
It is very safe. just a days procedure. under local anaesthesia.. the charges depend upon the area of baldness to be treated

Do you do hair transplant…if yes pl let me know your conytact details and charges
Yes. we do hair transplants.

I have lot of freckles or brown spots on my nose and few on rest of my face. i have pimple marks on my cheeks and forehead. i have
sunken cheeks. i have sunken and dull eyes. i have oily skin mostly on my forehead and on my nose. please give your advice.

Laser photorejuvenation will help for freckles.for sunken cheeks you need to undergo autologous fat transplant, or fillers like

I have a acne hair falling problem
You seem to be suffering from polysycystic ovarion syndrome. you have to do the tests for hormone profile. once that is managed
it can get cured. you also need to undergo antiacne treatment and hair fall treatmentsH

Hi dr purnima mhatre… you look very beautiful… what is the secret of your beauty?
good healthy diet, excercise ,well managed stress, and regular skin care routine

Gud evening doctor could u suggest me some medicine for dry egzema on inner thighs and how to avoid this kind of situation
Efaderm cream morning and night

Hi. i work in night shifts which makes me look my face dull. i need some tips to look fresh
try to get 8 hrs sleep. apply antiageing cream while sleeping

I have been facing the problem of oily and acne skin for the last 8-9 years, i have consulted many doctors, but finally helpless
You may be having hormone imbalance .consult the dermatologist.

I have dry skin problem i sacrifice my utr. in’99
you should take multivitamins and also apply moisturiser during day and overnight

My hand skin is far better than face skin color. doctor can they be same?
yes they can be. the treatments will help

I have problem of acne frm 8 yrs pls give somr advice & medicine for tht
you can apply antiacne cream and come to gorgeous skin clinic for consultation

Mam, i am 32+,f,working lady.i am fair but now it is now turning a bit dark,dull and i ahve pigmentation,and spots problems. what
to do?

apply sunblock with spf 50 , treatments with aha packs and antipigment creams at our gorgeous skin clinics will help to remove

I have acne scars, i have tried a series of microdermabrasion, still some scars remain, can they be completely removed, also what
is the best treatment option for dark circle & tan removals.

Yes. they can be removed with laser photorejuvenation

Hi, i am ganesh. i am 25 have a oily skin, give me tips to stay youthful.
Wash your face with anti acne facewash 2 times a day and apply antiacne cream overnight

I have undergone a dermo treatment for pimples..does that cause weight gain?
No way

My face colour is getting dark due to heavy exposure in the sun. what should i do to replace the old colour i had on my face
Sunblock with spf 50 during day and also treatments like microdermabrasion, skin polishing will help

Hi i am anand male 25. please tell me special lubricant for red lips

Bariderm plus cream

I want a clear face with no pimples and dots and how to get rid of tan naturally
You can apply pack of sandalwood pwder 1 tsp + rose water+ 2 drops of lime juice twice a wk leave for 20 min.

Hello… can u suggest me some remedies for viitiligo
For vitiligo you need to consult the drmatologist

How i soft me beard
You can apply moisturising cream after shaving and also overnight