Eat Right to ward off Obesity

‘How do I lose weight?’ – most common question posed in the recent days! But, do you really find reliable answer to your ever-curious question? First of all, we must train ourselves to ask how to maintain an ideal weight in the right way.

According to reports, ‘ The obesity rate in India has doubled in a quick span of 10 years’ – a serious threat that is turning out to be a killer epidemic. ‘If you maintain a corrective diet and healthy lifestyle, we can keep this danger at bay’, says Dietitian Jasleen Kaur, who is actively involved in the field of weight management and lifestyle disorders.

She insists on shedding kilos in the smartest way!

Her main aim was to cater to individuals who are obese or suffering from various forms of lifestyle diseases. She is the acclaimed face behind Just Diet – a personalized diet clinic for all your needs. As it is based in Delhi, Jasleen connects with the other audience through her e-clinic.

This clinic works like your customized assistant, constantly guiding your food pattern, lifestyle habits and such natural factors to achieve the desired results. Jasleen feels people must be educated enough of what they eat and avoid going behind latest fads.

‘The approach of Just Diet is pretty simple and effective: overall nutritional correction with a systematic fitness regime’.

‘There is no rule to ignore any food ingredient, the amount/quantity which you take in matters the most’ , asserts Jasleen, who allows her clients to eat almost every food but in a balanced manner.

She has been actively participating in numerous seminars and motivational sessions to create awareness among the public, especially children on the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle.

She has also been a part of the World Food Program- Seminar on Healthy eating, United Nation Development Program, and many such inspirational events. The long list of success stories that she had dealt through the years, stands to her credit.

On a concluding note, dietitian Jasleen advises people to have proper meals on time and not to skip any food. ‘That’s the key to a happy and healthy life’.

You can reach her at: Dietitian Jasleen Kaur

Source: Sify
Image Source: Just Diet