Eat sensibly, eat often and eat local: Rujuta Diwekar

DSC_0957-240x240-dec30Winner of the ‘Nutrition Award’ from Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, Rujuta Diwekar is amongst the most qualified and sought after practitioners in India today and the only nutritionist to have accreditation from Sports Dietitians, Australia.

In the plethora of diet fads and fears, Rujuta’s voice rings loud and clear, urging us to use our common sense and un-complicate the act of eating. Her two books have sold more than 5 lakh copies and have been translated in more than 5 languages. Her 3rd book on exercise “Don’t lose out, work out!” is out in the markets and already in the best seller charts. She has also made a film “Indian food wisdom & the art of eating right” which is available on dvd.

Her clientele list includes celebrities like Anil Ambani, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan and Konkona Sen Sharma.

Rujuta Diwekar answered Sify readers’ queries related to the above in an exclusive chat. Read the transcript below.

I work in a 9 to 7 office setup. It is very difficult for me to find time to exercise. Is there any way I can lose weight?
All you need is 150 mins per week. So just plan in advance and block dates on calendar in advance

They say that if you stop exercising after a point you’ll put on weight. How true is that?
its like if you stop working you will stop earning. Fitness is perishable, if you are on track with exercise, you feel restless without it:)

Can weight training be practiced at home?
yes, if you have learnt correct technique

What is strength training? How safe is it for women?
very safe.

Hi Ma’am, I would like to know if eating right without exercise will help lose weight. Is walking enough?
read Dont lose out, workout for a detailed answer. The short answer is a good diet is the one that promotes exercise not just walking.

Is yoga beneficial to men? In what ways?
Since men also have human body its beneficial to them in every way you can think of physical, mental, spiritual

What is your third book about? Which age group does it target?
Its about the science of exercise for all age groups

How do I get protein on a vegan diet? Do I need to combine proteins?
eat according to timeless recipes – dal cahwal/ idl chutney etc

Do you recommend a vegetarian or a vegan diet?
a diet that one has grown up on

Is it true that one must not drink water during meals??
you can sip on it

Do celebrities stick on a very strict diet??? Dont they spurge??
No. They work harder than most of us so infact they eat more than what we do.

What is the difference between a food allergy and a food intolerance?
both make you uneasy

Is there a way to balance junk food and healthy food?
By deciding a time and day once a week to have junk.

I’ve heard that people should cut back on how much trans fat they eat but I’m confused about what trans fats are and what foods have them.
typically biscuits and stuff. But to make it easy avoid pacakged food and eat more fresh food and dont bother about terminology.

Heard a lot about the 7 day diet program… is it advisable to follow that diet?? are there any side effects
A diet should be for one’s life not for 7 days or 7 months but for 7 janams:)

Where can I get information on the level of calories, fat, protein, vitamins and minerals in various foods?
on most websites but that is really useless info. The only useful info is how light you feel post a meal and did you like what you ate. That your stomach and tongue can tell you instantly

Is it true that one should not drink fruit juices and instead eat fruits?

Do you also provide online consultation for people staying outside Mumbai? Do you have your centers in other cities besides Mumbai?
Yes, to people all around the world. Via skype/facetime/phone/email.

Can obesity be prevented even if it is genetic? How ?
totally with food, exercise, sleep and discipline. In my new book read the box on “genetically fat”.

What is more better to consume, a low carb high protein diet for weight loss or a high carb low protein diet?
best to consume food and not split up the nutrients

Is there a way to calculate one’s calorie intake or keep a check on one’s calorie intake Rujutaji?

If I want to lose around 8-10kgs, what should be my calorie intake? I am 31 yrs female.
Stop measuring calories, focus on eating right

Is that if one has a high metabolism one can lose weight faster? How?
No, thats an over simplification.img_01_240x240-1

Does eating after 7 pm cause weight gain?
only if you ate nothing or junk since lunch

What are the right foods to consume to beat the heat?
water, local fruit, dahi, chaas, nimbu pani, local sherbet like kokum etc

Some experts say that we should have water only when thirsty while some suggest to consume 2-3 litres in a day. What is your advise?
Listen to your stomach and not to experts

Is it really healthy to have chocolates once or twice a week?
Well if its the best chocolate in the world and you made a decision to eat it, then its fine. But if you are eating out of desperation then no.

Good morng Rujuta, what is a must-must to include in our diet everyday for nutrition?

We hear mostly that strength training or weight training is very important for weight loss. What is your advise?
strength training with the right technique is ver useful for losing fat mass..

Is inch loss the fat loss in our body?

What is better to lose … in weight or in inches?
best to not measure yourself either in weight or inches. Best to go by how you FEEL not how you weigh or fit into clothes

I am 38yrs female. Height 5ft 4″, weight 98 kgs. Can I do the desired weight loss through diet control?
yes and a complete lifestyle change.

Have you come out with some recepies for weight loss as well n some book?
no. I feel best receipes are those which are handed down from mother to kids

Hi Rujuta, what can we expect in your third book? Is it about weight loss?
its about exercise and that surely leads to a healthier, fitter body and wt loss too

Is eating disorder same as anorexia?
There are many types of disorders, one of them is anorexia

Hello Rujuta. Can you please tell me what is an eating disorder?
When you constantly worry about eating lesser and feel that you are “too fat”.

How does one know that he or she is suffering from an eating disorder?
Answered in last Q

Is it fine to have wheat bread everyday? Or is multigrain bread a better choice?
Bread is ok but if you are close to a kitchen try rice, rotis:)

How can one overcome an addiction to soft drinks or colas?
By deciding a budget and not spending more than that budget buying them.

My grandma always advised to have milk with turmeric at night before going to bed. What is your say on it?
Listen to your grandma. She’s a genius

I want to know the basic difference between cheese sllice and paneer? Which is healthier?
Paneer undoubtedly

What is the best to include in one’s diet for weight loss?
All local, fresh, seasonal

What is right time in the day when one can have a protein rich diet?
Every meal should have protein:) so all times are goood. But its important to eat food and not “protein” “carbs” and “fat”

Which is better in nutritional values, green gram, black gram or kabuli chana?
All are good. Eat them with rice or chapati for best results

Why are fruit juices not considered as healthy as fruits?
Juice is for those with no teeth. If tyou have teeth, eat the fruit.

Good morning M’am. My sister aged 14yrs has this strong urge for sugar or sugar foods. She wants to have it in all the meals. Ho to control?
Dont control. start her with a vit B supplement and add ghee to her main meals. That will help her curb her sugar craving

can one sip water while doing yoga?????????
Well yes, but if you need too much water during practice it means that you are too dehyrated.

dear rujuta i do yoga 5 times a week besides walking for 1 hr. will it help the uterus in any way?????
It sure will. Hope you go to a classical yoga school like Iyengar/ Sivananada etc and walk around more but not as a means of exercise.

1. What is the diet for Diabetes, Hypertension in 50 years old. 2. What is the diet for longivity
The same diet that is there for a 25 year old:) eat sensibly, eat often and eat local.

what is the diet for controlling Diabetes, Hypertension for 50 years old. What is the diet for long life
The one that you grew up one, which respects local, heritage cuisine, preparation, ingredients being fresh, seaosnal.

Madam I want to know about amla. Which is better, amla juice or amla fruit? How much should we eat or drink?

Do cashew nuts cause weight gain?
no:) sitting, inactivity and lethargy does

Almonds are generally advised by most health experts. But even if I soak the almonds the heat generally shows up on face in the form of pimples. What should I do?
Well try Kaju instead and keep it to only winters. All pimples come because of multiple reasons not just dry fruit or heat

Which is the best dry fruit to consume for all seasons?
The local one is the best one. Kaju, badam, pista, whatever you choose

Madam fruits are getting expensive day by day, like apples etc. Can fruits on be replaced by other foods?
Eat a local fruit and its no longer expensive. Jamun, MAngo, JAckfruit all cheap and tasty while in season