Eggs for breakfast keep hunger pangs away until lunchtime

In a new study, scientists led by a Indian-origin researcher, have described egg as “nature`s appetite suppressant` due to its ability to make us feel fuller for longer as compared to other foods.

Previous studies have also credited the humble egg with being able to make us feel less hungry at lunchtime.

In the study, 20 healthy people ate a breakfast of two eggs that had been scrambled or a bowl of cereal every day for a week. They then switched to the other option.

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The European Congress on Obesity heard that the meals were similar in size and had the same number of calories. They also had the same amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat.

In the run up to lunch, the volunteers were asked how hungry they felt.

They were then given access to a buffet and the amount they ate was monitored. Finally, blood tests were done.

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The results showed that the people felt fuller after the egg breakfast. This led to them eating less from the buffet.

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