Eye Safety Checklist

Create a safe work environment

Minimize hazards from falling or unstable debris.

Make sure that tools work and safety features (machine guards) are in place.

Make sure that workers (particularly volunteers) know how to use tools properly.

Keep bystanders out of the hazard area.

Evaluate safety hazards.

Identify the primary hazards at the site.

Identify hazards posed by nearby workers, large machinery, and falling/shifting debris.

Wear the proper eye and face protection.

Select the appropriate eye protection for the hazard.

Make sure the eye protection is in good condition.

Make sure the eye protection fits properly and will stay in place.

Use good work practices.

Caution—Brush, shake, or vacuum dust and debris from hardhats, hair, forehead, or the top of the eye protection before removing the protection.

Do not rub eyes with dirty hands or clothing.

Clean eyewear regularly.

Prepare for eye injuries and first aid needs.
Have an eye wash or sterile solution on hand.

Source: www.cdc.gov
Image: Anamariel