Fight ageing with your own blood

For ages, blood sucking has been the preserve of vampires, but medical science has now put `dracula therapy` to good use – to fight ageing. A test tube full of your own blood could be used to get rid of wrinkles, say doctors.

`Dracula therapy, as the name suggests, is a therapy that uses blood. We extract nearly 15-20 ml (a test tube) of blood from the person`s body, and after processing it with growth hormones in a laboratory, the blood is injected on the person`s face,` A.S. Bath, senior consultant and head of department of plastic and cosmetic surgery at BLK Super Speciality Hospital here, said.

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Platelet rich plasma (a component of blood) is extracted from the blood, after which drugs are used to release a growth factor in it. The fresh solution is then injected on the face using micro-needles after applying local anaesthesia.

`The concept is that your own blood with additions of growth hormones will help stimulate the growth of fresh cells, DNA repair, heal scars and treat wrinkled skin without any chemicals or surgical procedure. And that too there are just three sittings required without any hospitalisation,` Bath explained.

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Apart from being non-invasive, the technique also reduces the chances of allergic reactions; as the body gets back its own blood, allergic reactions are not there.

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