Fight obesity with an active lifestyle

Scientists have found that living a physically active lifestyle can substantially reduce the genetic predisposition to obesity due to `fat mass and obesity associated` (FTO) gene.

The findings emphasize that physical activity is an effective way of controlling body weight, particularly in individuals with a genetic predisposition towards obesity, the researchers said.

The international team led by Ruth Loos from the Medical Research Council Epidemiology Unit, in Cambridge, UK, found that the effect of the FTO gene on obesity risk is nearly 30 percent weaker among physically active than in physically inactive adults.

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This finding holds an important public health message relevant to health care professionals and the wider public as it challenges the widely-held view that obesity `is in my genes` and not amenable to lifestyle changes.

On the contrary, this study showed that even those genetically predisposed could reduce their risk of becoming obese by being physically active.

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