Fighting childhood obesity

Rapid technological and industrial developments have made our lives easier, causing a steep rise in the occurrence of lifestyle related diseases. Childhood obesity, one of the leading causes of concern among many, can be stopped in its tracks. Read on to find out how.

Diabetes, obesity and heart disease are among the three most prominent health issues today, all of them are linked to certain lifestyle factors and improper diet. Watching your child put on kilos rapidly can be scary, which is why it’s exceptionally important to keep a watch on your child’s eating habits and lifestyle.

Follow these simple tried-and-tested tips to lessen the risk of your child suffering from this condition.

Swip swap: It may be convenient for you to whip up a quick meal out of the ready-to-make mixes given your busy schedule but that’s exactly what could be contributing to your child’s steady weight gain. Processed and packaged foods are loaded with oils and fats, mostly the unhealthy ones, which not only pile up kilos, but also mess up with your system.

Swap a roadside frankie for a homemade veggie burger or a helping of whole-wheat pasta and toss the samosas for a quick sandwich. Pick up recipe books or browse the internet for tons of healthy recipes for your kids. If your kids are fussy, pamper their taste buds, sprinkle paprika or oregano over their ‘bland’ meals for a quick gobble up.

Manage the monsters: Peer pressure and schoolwork stress is probably already on your child’s mind. Play it safe and interact with your child. Talk to him about his school and his friends. And most importantly, set a good example. After all, your child isn’t going to part with his favorite pizza if you can’t let go of that beer can.

You can’t expect your kids to quit all his junkies at a go; you probably can’t do it yourself too. Be reasonable and give your kid the time to re-evaluate his priorities. Educate him on the importance of a good diet and pick up pictures from the internet about what he may look like in the future in he doesn’t learn to control his eating habits.

With children, if the food looks appealing, they’ll probably eat it without making much of a fuss. Use red, yellow and greens in his lunch boxes and a bit of grated chocolate over his banana milkshake.

Get out: Physical activity plays a huge role in maintaining your kid’s weight. Encourage outdoor activities and plan together family outings with cricket matches or swimming competitions. Get a punch bag in the house; it works great for your stress too!

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