First step to weight loss: Cut down dinner

Dinner is the first meal you must modify. Many of you may ask: why is it necessary to cut down on dinner first? There is a very good reason for it.

Why cut down on dinner first?

The fact is, this is the time of the day when your physical activity is tapering off. You are tired, your energy levels are probably dropping. This makes you extremely vulnerable. Your natural instinct is to grab all the `comfort foods` you can lay your hands on.

For some of you, your social life begins after sunset. You might start with a drink at the club. Or you may dine out at a restaurant. How do you resist all the temptation coming your way? While it is not easy, controlling binge-eating at dinner time is a key factor in weight loss.

If you overindulge at dinner-time and sleep on a full stomach, the excess calories you consume have nowhere to go, and will most likely end up around your waistline. When you fall asleep, you cannot burn off all the excess calories that you have consumed, so this surplus energy gets stored as fat.

This 4-week countdown dinner is about controlling portions and cutting excess fat, but you can hardly complain about feeling deprived! In fact, your dinner packs in tons of nutrition, as every bite is loaded with vitamins and minerals, proteins and carbs, and the recommended allowance of fats.

Follow the diet as closely as possible to get the best results. Remember, what you put in is what you will get out.

During your 4-week countdown dinner, please remember to eat regularly, preferable no later then 9 p.m.. Do not eat more than the prescribed portions, but do not skip any courses either. Even if you feel full after the third course, it is essential to complete the entire diner plan. This helps you avoid a midnight trip to the refrigerator which is the last thing you want to do!

Liquids, more liquids, solids, and a little bit of empty space.

During dinner, you will filling yourself with a liquid, then another slightly thicker liquid, followed by a portion of fibre, which works as a high water-content appetizer, and lastly, a main course.

While the quality and quantity of your food is important, it is equally important to leave a little bit of space in your stomach empty. This allows the digestive juices to do their work efficiently.

¼ liquids                                                                           ½ solids                                                                           ¼ empty

The initial consumption of liquids and fibre helps to quench your hunger pangs, so by the time you get to the main course, you are already beginning to feel full. This way it becomes easier to stay within the limits of the portion controlled main course menu.Initially, you may find the extra liquid intake hard to handle but in a week’s time, you should settle down.

Dinner formula

1. Starter sips
2. Nutri bowl
3. Fibre filler
4. Main course as per diet plan

Remember, before you start your main course dinner, there are three mini courses you have to consume – starter sis, nutria bowl and fibre filler. These work as nutrition boosters and keep you feeling full.

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Excerpted with permission from Penguin Books India from The Four-Week Countdown Diet: Now You Choose How You Lose by Namita Jain, Penguin Rs.199.

Image: Flickr Creativecommons Bucklava