Fitness Q&A: Be the best looking bride

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Mam, I am 5.5 and i weigh 189lbs… what is the best diet plan to help me lose at least 30 or 40 lbs by the beginning of the school year! Thanks so much!
Brianna Miller
I suggest you follow my book titled ‘the four week countdown diet’ to lose weight and keep it off. The book is available at all leading book stores. All the best!

2. I want to reduce my tummy and add glow on my face.So,Can you suggest me as i am soon going to get married
suchismita singh
The important aspects for reducing for abs are:

Train your abdominal muscles, hard and smart.
Constantly challenge your abdominal by varying your workouts.

Evaluate your eating habits.
Incorporate a diet that is healthy, well balanced and low in fat. There is no getting away from the fact that food you eat plays a vital role in defining your mid-section.

The abdominal exercises

Abdominal crunch
Lie on your back with your knees bent, and your hands behind your head. Lift your shoulders off the floor and curl your legs towards your ribcage; simultaneously. Slowly, return to starting position.
Do 2 sets of 12 reps.

Oblique scissors
Lie on your back with legs extended and arms behind your head to support your neck. Contract abs and lift shoulders off the floor. Use your oblique muscles by attempting to bring the left shoulder towards the right knee and the right shoulder toward the left knee. The right and left leg accounts for one rep.
Do 2 sets of 12 reps.

3. Good Morning, Madam I am 21 yrs.. Pls tell me the effective way of weight loss… And even I wanna know the cost of your The four-week countdown diet book…. Reply…
Diet plays a crucial role in combating obesity. To lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit. Weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is safe. To lose 1 pound a week you need to cut back on 500 calories a day. That is a total of 3500 calories a week. The best way to achieve this is by reducing your calorie intake and increasing calorie expenditure through exercise.

My book titled ‘the four week countdown diet’ is available at all leading book stores and the cost is Rs 199.

4. mam..i am 19 yrs old…nd gaining fat v v fastly..plzz help how do i reduce fat nd hv control..
Diet plus exercise is the ideal way to lose weight. A sound weight-loss program should include –

§ Decreased fat consumption
§ Portion control
§ Palatable food choices
§ High fibre
§ Balanced nutrition
§ Regular exercise

I suggest you follow my book titled The four week countdown diet to lose weight and keep it off. The book is available at all leading book stores.

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