Fitness Q&A: Bid goodbye to flabby arms

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This week’s answers:

1. Iam aged 57 years my sugar level is normal since dabetic from last 18 years and HBP from last one year and now BP is 155/78.As both HBP and Blood sugar what is the diet and how much calorie I needed per day my height is 160cms and weight is 63 kgs I request what Yoga may be preferred. I have taken Allopathic tablets Gynase MF 2 daily and LOSAR_ H one per daily. I used Aswagandha tablets daily 2 morning and evening ND DIETALSO DONE. BRISK WALK FOR 25 MINUTES daily and ups and down stair case for 18 steps 25 times and addition to this walk 4 kms throught day. My stomach is 35” I want to reduce my weight by 5or 6 kgs. Request kindly needful guidelines.
A G Natesh,
I recommend that you walk daily 6 to 7 days a week, for a duration of 45 minutes to 60 minutes. When you do yoga I suggest you do light asanas and pranayama. Relaxation and deep breathing exercises are beneficial. Quick changes in position or very strenuous asanas are not recommended as they can elevate blood pressure.

Limit salt intake to 2,400 milligrams per day (1-teaspoon). Low sodium diets not only help to keep the blood pressure from rising, but also help blood pressure medicines to work better.

These common foods are high in salt: avoid them

Processed and packaged foods such as canned soup, ketchup, pickles, and soy sauce.
Meats, sausage, bacon and ham.
Pretzels, popcorn, chips and peanuts.

Food suggestions

Eat fish and white meat instead of red meat.
Remove skin from poultry before cooking.
Use low fat milk instead of whole milk.

Consume fruits, vegetables and a low-fat diet.
Avoid too much caffeine. Several cups of coffee can mildly increase blood pressure throughout the day.

2. dear mam, I have bye-bye arms, im otherwise of normal weight. How do I get rid of this problem?

Here are some exercises you can do:

Lateral raise (2 sets, 12 counts)

This exercise strengthens the medial shoulders.

Sit or stand tall. Hold weights in your palms. Keeping elbows slightly bent, palms facing each other, lift your hands up, no higher than shoulder level and then lower down.

Bicep curls (2 sets, 12 counts)

This exercise strengthens the front of the arms, the bicep muscles.

Sit or stand tall. Hold weights in your palms, bend your elbows slowly tensing the bicep muscles as you lift up, and then lower down.

Overhead tricep extension (2 sets, 12 counts)

This exercise strengthens the back of the arms, the tricep muscles.

Stand tall. Hold one weight in both your palms, arms are extended overhead.
Bend your elbows, lowering the weight behind your head, and then extend up again.

3. Hi, My name is Sujatha and I want to know how effective is horse gram for losing weight?I read a lot about this in many websites.please clarify?Thankyou.
Unfortunately, no one single food can help you lose weight. To lose weight you need to exercise daily to burn calories and cut down calorie intake by following a low-fat, balanced diet plan.

4. How much of warm up can we do in winter? What abt warm up for yoga, it gets cold in winter, so do you think warm up is essential before yoga also?
I suggest that you warm-up for at least 10 minutes in winter. Yes, it is essential to warm-up before yoga also. Warm-up prepares the body for a workout and prevents injury.

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