Fitness Q&A: Can surya namaskar help you lose weight?

Fitness expert, Namita Jain answers readers’ questions on fitness. Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Thursday.

This week’s answers:

1. Can you tell us what is the right time of taking water. If I am sleeping at 10pm, when should I go for last glass of water.

There is no rule as such as to when you should stop drinking water. You need to drink water when you are thirsty…even if it’s before sleeping.

However, I suggest you try to finish drinking your quota for water 3 hours before bedtime so that your sleep is undisturbed. Drinking too much water close to bed time can result in frequent urination and disturbed sleep.

2. dear madam, i am 31 years old I do skipping for 20 mins daily no other exercise. Pl advice if it is enough CV exercise. Weight is normal

Skipping is a high impact exercise. I suggest you walk or jog for 1 hour daily and reduce the duration of skipping (5 minutes is adequate) as it can cause stress on your knees and back as you grow older.

3. I do Surya Namaskaram..Will this asana help me to reduce weight and increase concentration

Yes to an extent. But I suggest you need to walk 1 hour daily as well, in addition, to get weight loss results.

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