Fitness Q&A: Does buttermilk help lose weight?

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This week’s answers:

1. i wanna help my body weight is near 67, i want 2 reduce my weight. Could do send me some suggestions
The safest and most effective way to lose weight is to follow a calorie restricted diet and increase physical activity. Exercise daily – I suggest you walk 1 hour everyday to burn calories and stay fit. Also, eat small nutritious meals every three to four hours to boost your metabolism and to avoid feelings of extreme hunger.

2. where can i get this book in coimbatore plzz temme
Most book stores carry the book ‘the four week countdown diet’. It is currently a best seller and has almost sold out, therefore, the book is going into a second print-run, so if it is not available immediately, it will definitely be available soon – once the next lot is printed.

3. does buttermilk helps in weight loss
Buttermilk is made of curd, if you consume it, please ensure that you used skimmed or low fat curd. Buttermilk is NOT the answer to losing weight, you need to follow a correct diet plan and also exercise regularly to lose weight.

The 4 week plan involves a gradual cutting down of food intake, on a weekly basis. Therefore, in week one, the dieter cuts down on dinner. During the following week, week two, breakfast is trimmed. In week three, in-betweens are restricted. By week four, lunch is modified. So by the end of four weeks, the dieter is in full control and is able to continue the diet plan with ease. In case the dieter has already reached his or her target goal, there is a maintenance diet plan in place. Along with balanced meals and mini meals, the recommended daily exercise is also included. The 4-Week Countdown Diet package therefore covers all aspects of food and fitness, working as an all-in-one guide to ensure sustained fitness levels, as per individual capacity. I suggest you go through the book for complete details. All the best!

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