Fitness Q&A: Foods that cause weight gain

Mamtaa Joshi is a ‘Reebok’ qualified fitness trainer and since 1998 has conducted both studio and gym based fitness classes at talwalkars, expressions dance studio and for a leading five star hotel group. She also offers home based personal fitness training to clients.

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My age is 21 and I’m a male. I’m becoming thin and my weight is just 50 kg. Please suggest me some food to become fat and also to increase my weight
Aldren dsouza

Hi. When your weight is reducing please do a blood test and show to some physician.what is your height?u can have combination of foods like mik and banana. U can have more protein based food intake. There is no need to increase ur fat intake .doing weight trainng will help u and take advice from ur fitness coach about supplement .

Hi Ma’am,
I am Rose, 25yrs and weight of 80 kg. I work in an MNC in night shifts. My shift timings are10:30 to 8:30 and it is a rotational shifts for every 2-3 months, due to this I gained about 15-18 kgs of weight in 10-12 months and I have PCOD problem with very irregular menstrual cycle. Please help me to weight loss by guiding me a good diet with a chart. For this reason I don’t eat on day have some fruits in the morning n some (junk) food at night ( I mostly eat only once a day) please help me.. Looking forward for your reply
Warm Regards,

hi. I hope you have shown your PCOD problem to ur gynaecologist.but regular exercise will help u a lot. please eat regularly first then follow a diet plan . Start your day with breakfast .. even when you have shift work u can carry dry fruits with u. Do not skip meals. Once in day is very bad habit u should have minimum 7 meals per day ..have small portion of 7 meals .

Hello Ma’am,
I am Ushashee Sengupta from Kolkata. I am 5ft tall, 21years and 65kgs. Please can you suggest me what type of exercise I will do…..I mean, power yoga etc. I joined gym last year, but after 3 months I was very weak, so couldn’t continue….nothing helped till now. Please suggest a diet chart.. I want lose atleast 20kgs.
Thank you,

Hi as per ur age playing good sports will be more more enjoyable for u even u can join zumba aerobics for cardio and once in 15 days u can do some of weight training ..i can suggest u diet plan but first u write down three days ur food intake so i will know what type of food ur having and where u have to cut down . I would like to check ur protein intake carbohydrate intake and fat intake.

First 15 days try to do some cardio exercise and then start with your diet .

Hi Ma’am,
I am 22 years old and my height is 5feet and my weight is 51kg.i have belly fat that looks very odd with the rest portions of my body…I want to reduce my belly and thigh fat. Can you please suggest me a diet chart to get a toned figure in 1-2 months? Also I do a little cardio exercises every day for 30 minutes including some crunches except this I don’t do any heavy work throughout the day.

Hi. Whenever u talk about diet chart and tone body.. tone body u can always have by doing good exercise and doing absolute weight and total functional training .. first start with your cardio workout and check for ur protein intake having good tone sculpted body u need to have good protein and carbs and fat combination.

Just giving u basic diet plan as i am not aware if u are vegetarian or non vegetarian if u give me proper information i can guide u well.

Food Item
Early Morning
Lukewarm water with lemon honey 1 cup
Tea (without sugar) 1 cup
Marie / diet-biscuits 2

Skimmed milk with sugar 1 glass
Brown bread/oat upma 1 plate
Besan/ juwar with vegetable Chilla 2

Fruit salad 1 medium bowl

Veg Khichdi 1 medium bowl
Veg raita 1 small bowl
Mix veg salad 1 bowl

Tea (without sugar) 1 cup
Wheat rusk 2

Missi roti (without oil) 2
Mix veg 1 medium bowl
Curd 1 small bowl

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