Fitness Q&A: Gaining weight without reason? Find out why

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This week’s answers:

Hi, i am young 27 yr old girl. i have 2 wheat bread n omlete n tea in the morning, 4 almonds and leave for work. then have 1 glass coconut water aftr 2 hrs, then take wafers or kurmura after 2 hrs. then have 2 bajra roti with dal n green sajbi dahi. the go for a jog walk or excercise for an hr come n have tea and then aftr 2 hrs have dinner which is 2 roti n sabji. Still i put on weight and not able to maintain the desried weight. pls Help!!!
Khushboo Tulsyan

I suggest you consult your physician to determine the cause of weight gain. Sometimes conditions such as hypothyroid can cause weight gain. Also, I suggest you read my diet book titled ‘ the four week countdown diet’ (by publishing house penguin) which addresses several concerns of a dieter as well gives a diet and exercise plan suited for individual need

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