Fitness Q&A: Guidelines for weight loss

Dr. Sonali is a certified fitness specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine.She runs a fitness consultancy, Santulan, providing lifestyle management programs for individuals and groups.Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Friday.

This week’s answers:

Hi Dr. Sonali,

Following are my details,

Name : Jiten Parekh
Height: 5 Feel 11.5 Inch.
Weight: 79 Kilo
Age : 46

Diet Habits : No Smoking or Drinking. Pure Veg.
Breakfast : half glass of skimmed milk & low calories iteam
Lunch : two chapatti (without ghee), dal & seasonal sabji & butter milk
Dinner : two parathas, sabji, ver less sugar tea

Eat seasonal fruit post lunch time

Exercise : Play one our of tennis daily.
Walks 30 min briskly daily.
Swims for 40 min. twice a week.

I have reduced my weight from 91 kg to 79 kg (using HERBALIFE WEIGHT MANAGEMENT). I still feel I need to reduce 4 kg .more to have better fitness…

Please give me your expert advise or any suggestions to change the daily life.

Jiten Parekh

Hi Jiten, Thank you for writing to me. I think you have done an amazing job at trying to achieve your health and fitness goals, keep it up!

You are already doing two things that contribute to weight loss and maintanence-mindfull eating and regular physical activity.Your further goals are also reasonable- i would like you to consider your protein intake, as you are a vegetarian, also please monitor your energy levels by keeping an eye on how you feel throughout the day, loss of energy could mean a calorie and nutrient deficit.

If possible do get a body composition analysis done, to find your fat percentage, that way we know you are losing fat, and not muscle. Since you are doing a lot of cardio- tennis, walk , swim, please have a small snack eg, small apple, few dates or raisins, half an hour before your work out. Swimming is a type of weight training, or resistance training, but you might want to add some weight training under expert guidance to your exercise plan.

Good luck and have fun, yours in fitness- Dr Sonali

Hi Sonali,

I am 177cm and weigh about 90 kgs. Could you tell me the diet as well as what kind of exercises i need to do in order to shed 15 kgs in 10 months time.Also is this possible?

How many kgs can we shed off with proper diet and exercises in a month. . .


->2 slices of wheat bread with omlette or honey along with green tea..(9 am)
-> one milk tea by 11 am
->sometimes dosa
Can we have peanuit butter with bread.?


-> 4 chapathis with chicken curry..
Can we eat rice along with 2 chapathis and if yes how much quantity to eat in rice along with sambahar and dal.

-> 2 chapthis along with 2 scopss of either sambhar rice or CUrd rice or mint rice or
vegetable biryani.


->dosa or 2 chapathis with 1 big spoon of rice rice..

IS this diet ok or anything can be changed in this ..pls suggest me..i have my dinner by 8 45pm.

Also every sunday i have chicken biryani both as lunch and that ok?


-30 min of indoor cricket by throwing ball in the wall and self playing with bat where
i sweat most of the time..
-10 min jogging inside home
-10 min stationery cycle
-25 situps

I do this daily…But mostly once a day ..very rarely i do twice since i am working in IT field.. Is this form of exercises ok..I have started to do this recently only for past one week…

Kindly suggest me ur inputs. Sorry for so many questions but it would be kind of u to spare time in replying to all..

I started doing exercise on feb24 and by now i have brought down my weight from 90 to 85kgs till date .But however i would like you to suggest ur inputs

Thanks & Regards,

Hi Deepak, Thank you for writing to me, and please do not apologies for asking these questions- they are all perfectly relevant.

One thing you have missed out is mentioning your age, that would have helped a little bit more.

Your goal or target is very reasonable, and from what you have mentioned in the last paragraph, you do seem to be losing weight.A weight loss of one to two kg per month, is considered safe , so your goal of 1.5 seems good.

Your diet seems to need some working with, as there is a lot of non veg aswell as white rice, and not enough fresh fruit, salads ,please introduce the same in your diet. Also watch your portion size, especially non veg . Avoid rice in excess- one serving spoon should suffice. I sincerely recommend you see a nutritionist who will be able to guide you about a proper diet plan, i can only suggest overall changes. Peanut butter is a good source of protein, but also contains fat, you may have it again watch out for excess.

Could i suggest that ,you increase the cycling to 15 mins, if possible go for a brisk walk outdoors for 20 minutes to start with and go upto 30 minutes as your stamina increases, and in those 30 minutes, introduce jogging.

Indoors you can do Suryanamaskar, push-ups, stretches- you may want to learn the same from an expert, and then do it on your own.

Good luck and have fun, yours in fitness- Dr Sonali

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