Fitness Q&A: Healthy diet and exercise to lose weight

Dr. Sonali is a certified fitness specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine.She runs a fitness consultancy, Santulan, providing lifestyle management programs for individuals and groups.Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every friday.

This week’s answers:

Hello Madam,
I am Prajakta, female from Roha in Maharshtra. My age is 23 years & height is 157cm, weight is 64kg & want to lose weight up to 8 – 10kg.
Please suggest me what will i do?

Hi Prajakta,
Thank you for writing to me, I have a few suggestions , you have not mentioned if you are doing any exercise at all, so i think, the safest way to get started is by walking atleast 20 minutes , 5 to 6 days a week, and gradually increasing it to upto an hour, you could join a gym, yoga or any other fitness class, according to your liking.

please have small meals every three hours and add fresh fruit, salads, curd to your diet, do not go on any crash diet, or stop eating certain food groups- consistency in exercise and food is the only way to achieve your goal.all the best- yours in fitness- sonali

Dear mam . Mam i am 47 years old and suffering from hyper thyroid since 1998 and the doctor advised me to take 10mg Neo Mergazole carbiomizel tablet daily and i am taking it regularly. My height is 165 cm and my weight is 79 kg please tell me howi should control my weight and i don’t have time regular exercise because iam leaving for job at 5 am from home. So tell me how i should control my weight. Thank you.
Palanichamy S

Hi Palanichamy S,
Thank you for writing to me. I would request you to send me your current weight, exercise programme, and diet, since you are on medication, please consult your doctor before starting any exercise programme, or changing your diet. A basic walking schedule, 20 minutes, 5 times a week should suffice in the beginning. Good luck, yours in fitness- sonali

Dear Mam
my details are as follows
Age – 48
Height – 5′ 9 1/2
Weight – 95 Kgs
Suffering from Sugar / BP. On oral medication for both
Habits – Drink good quantity of water, healthy breakfast. Tendancy to overeat. Drink about 4 -5 times a week. Given up smoking 15 years back. No tabbaco
Eating – Like Non veg, love salads,
Exercise – Walk for 1 hour about 5 times a week. Gym on & off
Sleeping pattern – Irregular

Request you to kindly work out a diet chart wherein I reach within 80 kgs. Their is a family history of putting weight & Sugar problem
Look forward to your invaluable suggestion
Sandeep J Kapur

Hi Mr Kapur,
Thank you for writing to me, first let me congratulate you on having successfully quit smoking, and also on being consistent with your walks- thats great!You are following one of the most important rules- a good breakfast- please make sure its a healthy one by including fresh fruit, curd, and whole grain cereals in it.

Have smaller meals at 3 hour intervals, so as to maintain your blood sugar level and include salads in your lunch and dinner, please have your dinner early and let it be light, if you are non vegetarian , you may have chicken and fish, avoid red meat. Just a suggestion,perhaps cutting down on your drinking will help you achieve your goal faster.

Going to the gym atleast thrice a week to do weight training will help maintain your muscle mass and keep your weight under control. Last but not the least, please do ten minutes of pranayam, followed by shavasan to relax you, and control your BP.all the best, yours in fitness- sonali.

I m 16 years old girl and my height is just 4″9.5 . Is it possible to increase my height now? Which exercises can help? My mother is 5″1 and dad is 5″4. Have u seen any girl’s height increasing at 16? Please Help. I am depressed.
Neeru Bhansali

Hi Neeru,
Thank you for writing to me. DO YOU KNOW THAT- BEAUTIFUL THINGS COME IN SMALL PACKAGES? I understand that you are concerned about your height, but please dont worry and obsess about it. Our height is determined by genetic as well as environmental factors, and in most cases after 16 years in females, due to a process called ossification, i.e fusion of growing ends of bones, increasing the height is difficult.

However, please join a yoga class, walk, swim, and eat a good diet, with milk, curd, fresh fruit and salads, along with your regular food.I have a 16 year old daughter, so i understand the pressure that you experience, but I request you to be happy and not worry too much and enjoy your teenage. take care, have fun, yours in fitness- sonali

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