Fitness Q&A: How to gain weight the healthy way

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This week’s answers:

1. my age is 21 years and my height is 5″ inch and my weight is 50 Kg. please send me diet chart for some weight loosing.

According to your height you are not overweight. However, I suggest you start exercising; and avoid heavy foods such as fried foods, oily foods, cream, cheese and sweets.

2. i have height of 5.4 feet and weight 96 i want to reduce my weight by changing my eating habits means through low calorie food that helps in non preparation of fats through extra calories so please suggest me the food that is chatpataa in taste and low calorie because non chatpata food cannot full fill the desire please co operate me with your suggestions

You can definitely add herbs and spices to food for taste. The food that you eat should satisfy your palate and as well be low in calories to lose weight. For a detailed diet plan and recipes, please read my book titled the ‘four week countdown diet’ by penguin books.

3. I am 24 years male from last 6 months i am working in night from 7 :30 pm to 4:30 am also I have lost my muscle. My weight is 72 and height is 5.7 inches.

I want to start gym and want to get a muscular body. Can you please suggest me a protein diet chart which i should follow to have a good body and keep me active and fit.

I hope you can help me with this !!
Vivek Joshi

When you train in the gym for a muscular body, your protein requirement would be about 1 to 1.5 grams of protein per kilo of your body weight. Here is the protein content of some foods.

1 cup milk – 8 grams of protein
1 cup yoghurt – 8 grams of protein
1 egg white – 7 grams of protein
1 slice bread & peanut butter – 6 grams of protein
Chicken breast half – 30 grams of protein

4. Hi. I am sumi, 25 years old with 39 KG. I would like to increase my weight 5 KG. I am taking many weight increasing foods. But no changes. Please suggest some ideas to improve my weight.

Here are some ideas:

§ Consume whole fat dairy products such as whole milk, regular cheese and yoghurt, paneer.

§ Use “extras.” Try mixing in powdered almonds or malted chocolate powders into a glass of milk. Or add dried fruit or granola to yogurt. You can also mix in nuts, such as cashews or peanuts to salads – yummy!

§ Increase portion size in stages. Try to gradually increase the amount of food you eat at every meal, starting with any one meal. For example, try adding one food item to a typical breakfast – add some fruit to cereal and milk.

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