Fitness Q&A: How to get rid of hip flab?

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This week’s answers:

1. Hi Namita, i have an endometrial cyst outside the uterus. Can i still practise pelvic floor exercises?
You must know the size of the endometrial cyst and its placement. Please consult your gynecologist for any medical or surgical treatment, incase required. If the cyst is small and not giving you any problem, you can do pelvic floor exercises or kegels after consulting your doctor.

2. i am 38 years old. my tummy is not much but the fat on my hips is quite prominent. how do i get rid of this?
Often, fat distribution is genetic. Exercise regularly, walk 1 hour daily and do strength exercises to shape-up. Also, consume a healthy, low-fat diet, and eat at regular intervals.

3. madam, i am 72 yrs old. i am hypertensive past 25 years and under treatment. i have arrythmia on and off. is it okay to walk 2 or 3 kms with this?
Walking at a moderate intensity should be fine. But before you start any exercise regime, please consult your cardiologist for the arrhythmia and get his clearance for walking.

4. hi namitaji. my name bhola. i am having fat tummy weight is 86 kgs and ht is 6″2. pl help.
Please evaluate your eating habits. Incorporate a diet that is healthy, well balanced and low in fat. There is no getting away from the fact that food you eat plays a vital role in defining your mid-section. Also, incorporate cardiovascular exercises, such as walking, cycling or swimming for 1 hour everyday to burn calories. Unless you burn fat, your toned abdominal will remain hidden underneath a layer of fat. That is why burning calories is an integral aspect of abdominal training.

5. please suggest suitable fibre dishes for proper bowel movement.
Fibre is found in fruits, vegetables, whole-grain cereals like unpolished rice, multi-grain bread, oats, wheat chapatti and so on. Also, make sure you drink 2 litres of water daily.

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