Fitness Q&A: How to lose weight when having a sitting job

Mamtaa Joshi is a ‘Reebok’ qualified fitness trainer and since 1998 has conducted both studio and gym based fitness classes at talwalkars, expressions dance studio and for a leading five star hotel group. She also offers home based personal fitness training to clients.

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Hereby I m abhishek …wanna loose my weight as I look little bit fatty so I want to make my body fit ..I daily workout near about 2 hours….so I wamt a proper diet chart to maintain my body……

Hi . abhishek .wel come to orangetreeimage.. i would like to know your body weight and height. If you are doing workout what type of training you are doing. I can tel you if you are doing 2 hrs workout everyday then check tht your body is not becoming use to this. And try to check your diet that your calories burnt should be more then your calorie intake.try to reduce your carbohydrates from your diet intake.

Dear Ma’am
I am 25 years old female , my height 5′ and my weight is 62 kgs… I have a sitting job . I need to loose weight because its creating problems . Please sugguest . some tips to loose weight.
Sakshi Nanda

Hi sakshi accordingly your height your weight should be 53 kgs. If you have sitting job u can use staircase or u can do exercise after reaching home for 15 min. Try to maintain discipline.when u r not able to do exercise tht time u can control diet , bcas most of the time your diet affects.

You can try Saturday Sunday workout also. Lots of weekends activities are there atleast this will help you to maintain your weight.

Dear Mam
I am 5,11 & having weigt of around 104 & daily I am having the meal & exercise as below mentioned
Morning Walk of 45-60 Minutes
Breakfast one Full bowl of Kellogs K
Afternoon full plate of Sprouts
Dinner One or Two Chapatis
Day time 6-7 Tea (as habitual to tea)
Please advise is this the correct diet plan to lose the weight or try with some amendments….
Thanks in Advance
Parveen Sahni

Hi. Your diet intake is showing that you are eating very perfectly and you are not eating fatty things.only thing i feel is you should reduce the tea and u can add n some fruit and all .only walking will not help you so better do some more different type of cardio as only walking will not make you burn fat as you need so that will maintain your weight. So try to increase your speed and do some variatian in cardio. As i m not having your full history can try to cut down your tea intake, i did not understand for your dinner you are having only chapatti…??

My son Akshay, is diagnosed as schizoeffected. His age is 20 years and weight 77Kg.
He craves for different food(all vegetarian), and we used to give him everything he liked.
Does this increase his problem ? If yes what should be served to him and what not?
I look forward to hear from you,
Jawahar Mithani

Hi . this is totally medicated case and i feel if you should contact physician .
Thank you.

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