Fitness Q&A: How to relieve bloating

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This week’s answers:

1. madam, I am 25 years old women, married & have a son. My height is 5.4″ & weight is 76 Kg. Please help me out to reduce my weight. provide me details of food to intake & to avoid and exercises.
Consume less fats and sugar. Make lighter food choices when possible. Eat egg white instead of the whole egg. Low-fat instead of full fat. Did you know that skimmed milk gets 5 percent of its calories from fat, while whole milk gets 51 percent from fat. Avoid fried foods and eat at regular intervals. You cannot predict hunger pangs so always make sure you have a healthy snack such as an orange or apple, accessible. Do not cover your plate with gravies, creamy sauces or dressings. They are laden with high fat. Instead, order sauces and dressings on the side and go easy on them. Walk one hour everyday and do yoga asanas three to five days a week for 30-minutes.

2. Are back extension exercises safe for all age groups? Pl advise
Yes, if you have no medical concerns back extension exercises if done with the correct technique, are safe.

3. Dear namita, what is the scope for physiotherapy as a course? I have just completed my 12th and planning to joining BPT.
It is a good idea. Many people require physiotherapy when recovering from an injury or as a rehabilitation process.

4. Is chiropractice helpful in case of slipped disc. Pl help as I have annular tear in 2 disc L4, L5
Please consult your doctor for advice and recommended treatment for your condition.

5. Hi namita, I have been following regular diet for a while now but still feel bloated. Is there any way to detox?
Drink 10 to 12 glasses water daily. Eat light foods, in small quantities at regular intervals. Consume a low-fat healthy diet. And exercise regularly.

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Fitness Q&A: How to relieve bloating