Fitness Q&A: Simple strategies for weight loss

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This week’s answer:

My current weight is 92 and im 5’4. my age is 23 yrs, i have reduced 8 kgs /16 pounds in 1 month by exercise and fiber diet. but now my weight is reducing very slowly . please guide me, i need to be 60 kgs within 3 months.

Simple strategies to help you lose weight

Exercise frequently

Consider increasing the number of days you workout. Try working out six days of the week. Include some “fun” activities – ones that you will enjoy and sustain.

Up the intensity

Are your workouts challenging? Or are you just plodding along a comfort zone?
To maximize weight loss, increase the intensity or the duration of your workouts.

Change your routine

Vary your workouts every six weeks. When you find your body has adapted to the demands of your existing routine, give yourself a new stimulus to break out of the plateau. Remember, change creates change.

Intelligent eating

Nourishing your body by eating regularly throughout the day can prevent extremes of hunger that lead to overeating, binging and fatigue. Work toward a pattern of five to six meals a day — breakfast lunch, dinner and two or three snacks.

It is easy to overlook eating on a busy day, but it is this strategy that will actually boost your metabolism and help you to knock-off excess weight.

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