Fitness Q&A: Suryanamaskar improves flexibility and strength

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1. Hi Namita, Is the cardio kick boxing only for women. I am a male and never went togym. I am interested in this kick boxing in which I may get some strength and loose some weight. How do I start over. could you please guide me. Thank you.


You can definitely do kickboxing, it is popular with both, men and women. It is important to learn the correct technique of the sport to avoid injuring yourself.

2. Hi mam, I wanna to know only 5 rounds of suryanamaskar will help to reduce weight along with proper diet. pls help


Suryanamaskar is great to incorporate into your fitness regime, it will improve your flexibility and strength. However, to lose weight I suggest you walk briskly for 45 minutes to 1 hour daily.

3. I am 31 years old , weight 76 Kgs I have gastric & acidity problems,I have been advised to do brisk walking by my doctor, sometimes due to acidicity and gas I find it difficult to walk, i also have back problems, i cannot do abs or crunches any more, I have lot fat around my waist that is around 38 inches,please advise how can i reduce my weight and flab around my waist,Pleae guide how can i reduce my weight and specially my waist size.

Manoj Koshti

Walking is one of the safest and most effective exercises you can do. If you cannot walk continuously for 1 hour – you can split your walking workouts… walk 30 minutes in the morning and 30-minutes in the evening. The best way for you to reduce weight (safely) and flab (from your abs) is regular walking and following a low-fat healthy diet.

4. I am  76 years old and fit. What is the correct exercise in winter — I am told that it is not advisable to have morning walks.when it is very cold — upto what emperature is it safe?

J  Kumar

It is absolutely safe to walk in winter. Make sure you wear warm clothing (a jacket or sweater) so that you are comfortable when you walk.

5. I am 45, 195 cms and app. 97kgs. regular waling brisk to modeate min 5 times a week, indoor cycling 15-20 min i th evening moderate non vegetarian indulgeing in occasional binge eating basic medical parameters within normalcy but sitting job what should I do to reduce weight? am I over weighing?


If you walk and cycle regularly and are not losing weight, you need to watch your diet.

Diet tips:

1. Low on fat

2. Moderate in portions

3. High on fibre

4. High on nutrition


Salt— it causes water retention. Restrict its intake to a teaspoon per day.

Processed and packaged foods—including canned soups, ketchups, sauces and pickles.

Red meat—has too much cholesterol and fat.

Snacks like chips and fried nuts—best excluded from your diet.

Egg yolks—contain too much cholesterol; restrict to not more than two per week.

Namita is a certified clinical exercise specialist and lifestyle and weight management consultant. She is currently attached to Bombay Hospital as their clinical and wellness specialist.

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