Fitness Q&A: Tips for flat belly

Dr. Sonali is a certified fitness specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine.She runs a fitness consultancy, Santulan, providing lifestyle management programs for individuals and groups.Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Friday.

This week’s answers:

Dear Mam,
Suggest me a diet and exercise so as i can reduce my weight. My details are as given below.

Name :- Santosh Ugale
Age :- 35
Height :- 5’4″
Weight :- 73
Habbits :- Crazy for food. No Smoking & Drinking. (never done till date)
Exercise :- Not much but whenever gets time, go for a walk for atleast 30 mins.
Travelling :- Constantly on bike / car. Less amount of walking.
Work Professional :- Mostly desk work.
Sleep :- Irregular

I wanted to shape up my body back again to a normal one. Due to my eating habits i have gain lot of weight, due to which i cannot do physical work to a greater extent. Heavy breathing starts.
Do suggest me few things so as i can follow the same to maintain my fitness.

Best Regards,
Santosh Ugale

Hi Santosh, thank you for writing to me. First, let me congratulate you on not smoking or drinking, thats a very positive lifestyle choice.I calculated your BMI ie body mass index, which comes to 27.4, which is an indicator of obesity, considering your age and nature of work. I sincerely advise you to take up regular physical activity, start with 5 days a week of 20 mins of activity such as walking, cycling, or swimming, and slowly build up.
I would also recommend yoga and meditation under an experts guidance to improve your posture and reduce stress levels.
last, but not the least, do continue enjoying your food, but watch what, when and how much you eat.
Yours in fitness- sonali

Dear mam,I am Subhramanyu Kund from Odisha. My age is 30. height-175cm, weight 95KG. please advice me
how much weight I can reduce in wt time & wht is the average weight for me?
Subhramanyu Kund

Hi Subhramanyu, thank you for writing to me.An ideal weight is quite difficult to zero in on, but for your height , the range is between 60 to 75 kg, depending on your body frame- small, medium or large. What is of greater concern, is what contributes to the body weight, more muscle and less fat is a good body composition.
A safe weight loss would be around 2 to 4 pounds a month- it might seem less, but a more drastic loss could mean loss of water and muscle. So exercise regularly and eat wisely and good luck to you.
Yours in fitness- sonali

Dear Madam

My details are as follows
Age – 40
Height – 5′ 10”
Weight – 79 Kgs
Habits – No drinking, no smoking, pure veg, NO BP, no sugar.
Eating – Moderate eating, likes sweet, ghee and butter
Exercise – No exercise

Two weeks back, I was diagnosed with Fatty lever stage II (slightly increased SGPT Level).After diagnosis, I have drastically changed my life style and following are the changes:

1.Stopped all sweets, oil, ghee, butter. Taking only boiled veg/dal.

2.Reduced carbohydrates. No rice, only roti’s

3.Started daily 1 hr exercise (Brisk Walk and yoga)

4.Increased intake of curd, salads and sprouts

5.Changed normal milk to skimmed milk and reduced the quantity also.

6.Regular sleeping pattern (10PM to 6 AM)

In two weeks with these changes, my weight is reduced from 82 to 79 kg but I am feeling weakness.I request you to kindly guide me whether these changes are OK or not.I also request you to kindly work out a diet chart suitable for my lever condition.Looking forward to your invaluable suggestion

Thanks and Regards
Vivek Arya

Hi Vivek, thank you for writing to me. I see you are already on the right track as regards diet and exercise, i would like to offer a few suggestions…. your weight loss of four kg over a period of two weeks could have been partially due to water and muscle loss, hence the weakness, also the one hour of walking when you were not accustomed to it might also be a factor.
Please do continue with both diet and exercise, but include some protein , apart from the sprouts such as oats, soya products, skimmed milk paneer in your diet, also citrus fruit-lemon, oranges.
Consume enough water, and under proper guidance, start a strength training programme, which will help you maintain muscle mass. All good wishes-
Yours in fitness- sonali

Hello Mam,
I am 35 years old.. with 53 KG wieght. I do not eat outside food or oily food so much, it happens once in month or quarter.I just have a belly which is not in shape 34 inches 🙁 ….I do yoga regularly but cannot see any effect on belly. Please advice what i need to do to have flat belly.

Hi Pallavi, thank you for writing to me, i am happy to know you are eating healthy, and exercising, yoga by itself is a wonderful exercise, however you might require some aerobic activity, 3 to 5 days a week for half an hour atleast, to achieve your goal- walk, jog, swim , dance, or cycle, as per your interest and fitness level. Along with that, abdominal crunches and back strengthening exercises will help.
Yours in fitness- sonali

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