Fitness Q&A: Tips for post pregnancy weight loss

Dr. Sonali is a certified fitness specialist from the American College of Sports Medicine.She runs a fitness consultancy, Santulan, providing lifestyle management programs for individuals and groups.Get your doubts cleared and see them featured on our FAQ page every Friday.

This week’s answers:

Hello mam,

I am asha, I am suffering thyroid problem now it ok but my weight is 60kg my height is 5.00 fit, my age is 25 year.

pls mail how i can reduce my weight or treatment
I am waiting for your reply

asha g

Hi Asha, thank you for writing to me,
you have mentioned that you have a thyroid problem , but are you still on medication? Please have a check up and inform your Doctor before you start an exercise programme.

I am suggesting some basic exercises –

first of all please start walking regularly 6 days a week for 20 minutes, the speed should be such that you are exerting yourself more than normal but not so much that you are can also perform 6 suryanamaskar to start with and gradually build it up to 12.Please do some pranayam and relaxation.

I wish you all the best, yours in fitness- sonali


My height is 4′-8″ my weight is 47 kg . i want to reduce weight from my tummy & outer thighs . I had a c-section delivery one year ago. please let me know the exercise & diet chart for me.

singh archana

Hi Archana,
Thank you for writing to me,
one of the best ways to lose post pregnancy weight is through regular moderate physical activity and healthful eating.

If you are feeding your baby, do consult your doctor before changing your diet, and getting more physically active. Any aerobic exercise- walking, slow jogging,swimming, aerobics, dance etc will help you shed fat weight- try to do any of these around 5 days a week for 20 to 30 minutes.

Along with the above, please do abdominal crunches, side leg raises, lunges, to help tone the abdomen and thigh muscles.I also suggest yoga and pranayam to help you achieve your goals.please do not starve yourself, eat 5 meals- 3- regular, 2- healthy snacks, and include fresh fruit, vegetables, curd, milk, and soya products in your diet, plus enough water.

I wish you all the best, yours in fitness- sonali

Hi Dr. Sonali,
My detail as follows:-

Name : Bharath
Height: 5 Feet 7 Inches.
Weight: 87 Kgs
Marital Status: Unmarried
Age: 28

Diet Habits : No Smoking or Drinking.
Diet type : Non-veg

Breakfast : 4 slices milk bread and 1 cup tea
Lunch : 3 cups rice with dal and curd.
Dinner : 2 Rotis without oil and seasonal fruit

(Non-veg Biryani once a week for lunch or dinner)

Exercise :
–> 1hr brisk walk daily including 20mins jogging.
–> Swims for 1hr once a week.
–> I do Cycling exercises
–> I do surya namaskars daily

Since I am overweight, I could not walk few yards also. My immune is also
very weak and I fall ill frequently.

My favorite game is football; once i used to play regularly, now due to
overweight and inactive strength my interest on the game has drastically

I have tried many diets, body mass and pills to reduce my weight but there
was no use and has increased side-effects like ankle pain etc.

Please give me your expert advise on weight loss or any suggestions to
change my daily life.

Waiting for your reply…

With warm regards,

Hi Bharath,
Thank you for writing to me.
I see that you have been taking a lot of effort to achieve your fitness goals and that’s great!

Here are some suggestions which might come handy:

Your exercise is quite good, please add a little bit of weight training to your schedule- maybe twice a week, do not do heavy weight training, but such that you can do 15 repititions of a particular exercise.You can use your own body weight, and do exercises such as pushups, free squats, lunges, pull ups.

As for your diet, for breakfast, have oats, meusli, idli, brown bread sandwich, any one of these with some fruit you can have two snacks- mid morning and evening- these can be roasted peanuts- unsalted or a fruit, or some dates, or few raisins.Lunch can be two rotis with cooked vegetables, daal and a salad, ONE SMALL BOWL RICE.DINNER TRY AND HAVE AN EARLY DINNER- ROTIS WITH VEGETABLES, SOUP, STEAMED VEGETABLES ARE SOME OPTIONS.

Your protein intake might be less, hence the reduced immunity- so include boiled egg- twice a week, fish, once or twice a week if you can. , also fruit such as oranges, lemon, amla to increase vitamin C.


Hi Dr, Sonali

My details are :

Name: Anshu mali
Age : 29
Weight :88Kg.
Height :170 cm
Can you provide me diet plan to reduce my weight ?

Hi Anshu, thank you for writing to me, I would need some details regarding your current lifestyle, including your eating habits and exercise to be able to help you, do write in with the same. thanks-yours in fitness- sonali

Dear Dr.

My name is Rahul am 35 years old ,I have been doing yoga for last 15 months and have managed to reduced my weight from 104 kgs to 81 kgs. Below is my exercise details

Suryanamaskar 38 Complete Sets,(6 days a week) one day of rest

I lost my weight gradually for all this months, but in the last 2 weeks i have gained 2kgs of weight.Please note i have not changed anything in my diet/or number of sets.

What could be the reason for this weight gain,Can you please help.

Thanks and Regards

Hi Rahul, Let me congratulate you on successfully achieving your fitness goals. Our bodies are miracles and can be trained, they infact adapt- one of the drawbacks of adaptation , especially to exercise is that the same stressor, or exercise does not provide challenge any more.In your case, what you have been doing has worked so far,now your body requires a more challenging workout, so either increasing the number of suryanamskar, or introducing another activity along with it, such as walking, or swimming 3 to 4 times a week might help.

Please observe if you have been mentally stressed over the past few weeks- this may be another reason for weight gain, relaxation and pranayam will help in that case.

Despite following this, if your weight continues to increase , please consult your physician

Hello Maam I am 19 years old female height is 5.6 and weight is 63 kgs. I wanted to reduce my weight coz I have muscular and a bit chubby kind of body not lean looks. My main problem is hip area.Will performing 50 suryanamaskaras with 1000 skipping would do to reduce this area and what should be my calorie intake and what food should i include in my diet
– Shamita

Hi Shamita,
Thank you for writing to me. I would like to suggest a few things which will help you get fitter and healthier. When we talk about weight loss- in fitness terms, what we aim for is FAT LOSS, AND NOT MUSCLE LOSS, AS MUSCLE WEIGHT IS GOOD WEIGHT AND HELPS US TO USE UP CALORIES AND THUS MAINTAIN OUR OPTIMAL WEIGHT. ALSO , NO AMOUNT OF EXERCISE TARGETTING’ PROBLEM AREAS”, ALONE CAN REDUCE YOUR WEIGHT.

These are a few suggestions-

Please start some aerobic or cardio exercise- walking , jogging, swimming, cycling, dance are some options.

Suryanamaskar is an excellent exercise- start with 6 to 8 and build up gradually, same with skipping. For toning, you could do weight training with light weights, twice a week.
Have 5 meals, 3 regular, 2 small snacks- include lot of fresh fruit, vegetables, curd soya products, fish and lean chicken in your diet Most important do not skip meals or go in for fad diets- they do not work in the long run and can cause serious deficiencies . Lean does not mean thin and weak-its muscular and healthy- enjoy yourself, and good luck
yours in fitness- sonali

I’m 22years, 5’1 height and my weight is 80kgs and I’m female. Only some times I’ll eat junk or oily food but I’m unable to put down my weight. One of my friend suggested me to eat aloe vera. I have eaten for 1month but, I have not found any change. Can you please suggest me to reduce my weight upto 25 to 28 kgs please help

Hi Alekhyak,
Thank you for writing to me

Here are some practical suggestions, any magical pill, potion, lotion or powder, does not exist that will make a person lose weight, though certain substances might have some properties that assist in losing weight, sustained weight loss and maintenance is achieved through regular physical activity and proper diet.

Please start with a simple walking programme- 5 days a week , 20 minutes daily to begin with and then increase as per your capacity.follow a healthy diet- good breakfast, moderate lunch and light dinner, include curd, soya products, fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet.all the best- yours in fitness- sonali

Hi Doctor

My self Athul 24yr old,178cm height 95kg weight,my total cholesterol level is 271mg/dl.please help me to reduce my weight and as well as cholesterol with a diet.I am working in mechanical field at kerala in India.waiting for ur reply.

Athul K

Hi Athul,
Thank you for writing to me
The data you have provided me, your BMI or body mass index is over 30, also your cholesterol levels are high- you should take care , so that your general health improves and both the problems are taken care of without medication.

First and foremost, please start exercising regularly- 6 days a week, 15 minutes of walking/ cycling/ swimming for the first 15 days, then increase to 20 minutes and so on . You can go up to 45 to 60 minutes.

Keep a watch on your diet- no fried foods, red meat, ghee, butter, have more salads, soups, fresh fruit, fish( steamed) and curd.

In case you smoke or consume alcohol i would advise you to not do so.Check your weight and abdominal circumference every 15 days, keep a record and do a lipid profile after three months .
take care and good luck, yours in fitness-sonali

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