Fitness Q&A: Tips for reducing acidity

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This week’s answers:

1. Dear Namita, I read your posts in and felt that you are the right person and probably would understand my pain better. Please help me!!!

I am a 23 year old and working in an IT company. I am 5ft 2″ and my weight is around 66-68 kgs ( keeps varying).

I have lot of belly fat, uneven thigh muscles and huge bottocks.
I have tried lot of exercise regimes but unable to stick to one since my work policy doesnt allow me to.( I leave by around 7 in the morning and come back by 8. later studies)
This has considerably lowered my self-confidence and is affecting my work as well. I cannot walk too fast since i start breathing heavily and feel exhausted very quickly with
any kind of physical work. It takes a while(almost half an hour) to pull myself back up

Its hard to follow a diet plan since my mother hardly allows me to stick to it. She pesters me to eat heavy meals ( keeps saying i will become weak just like all mothers )
I eat rice,sambhar and curd rice in the morning by 7( just before I leave), have lunch by 1 and usually my lunch box is packed with home food( dosa,idli,rice bath etc), in the evening around 5 have a cup of coffee and after coming home,have dinner around 9:30. and I go to sleep by 11 or 12.
I have cut down on all junk food (since at home its almost impossible to convince my mother) and don’t consume anything outside home.
I have been feeling very deppressed because of all this since i feel i am so weak that i can’t stick to anything for a long time.(thinking about my exercise regime here)
I feel that if I can’t stick to something as simple as an exercise routine then what about other things in life . In short, I have started feeling I am good for nothing.

I have tried to explain to you my problem the best way I can. Please suggest me a suitable solution. This is very important to me since i will be getting married soon (probably in a month) and want to leave as a healthy bride

Thanks and Regards,

To lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit. Weight loss of 1 to 2 pounds per week is safe. To lose 1 pound a week you need to cut back on 500 calories a day. That is a total of 3500 calories a week. The best way to achieve this is by reducing your calorie intake and increasing calorie expenditure through exercise. Diet plus exercise is the ideal way to lose weight.

I have written a book titled ‘ the four week countdown diet ‘ by penguin publishing house. This book gives detailed diet plans (plus exercise guidelines) based on you much weight you need to lose. I suggest you read it carefully and go through it for results.

A suggested sample diet chart

2 idlis and sambhar
1 bowl grapefruit/ papaya
1 cup coffee or tea

1 Apple
1 coconut water

1 serving mixed veggie salad
2 rotis or I cup rice
1 cup green vegetables
1 cup dal or curds

2 non-cream biscuits
1 cup coffee or tea

1 coconut water or herbal tea

Late evening
1 cup roasted savoury such as popcorn (without oil or butter)

Vegetable soup with whole wheat croutons (toasted)
1 cup mixed vegetables
2 rotis or I cup rice
1 cup dal or curds

I also suggest you include any of these exercise options. Here is a rough calorie guide for you:

Simply walk: Just put on your walking shoes and walk anywhere, anytime, as convenient.
Calories burned: 300 an hour.

Walk uphill: This increases walking intensity and shapes the legs and hips.
Calories burned: 400 an hour.

Cycle: Outdoor cycling is a great exercise for toning the lower body.
Calories burned: 350 an hour.

2. i have some weight in stomach and always acitic problem

Here are some important tips for reducing acidity and excess weight:

· Eat slowly. Chew well. Stay conscious of the process.
· Avoid heavy, greasy and spicy foods.
· Leave one-fourth of your stomach empty after meals.
· Stay upright after eating.
· Avoid gas producing foods – heavy fried foods, excessive spices and chillies, papads
· Consult physician for medication (antacid) if problem persists.
Walk daily one hour

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